Conference Preps and Rainy weather here in Chicago!

by Jen Leong on April 9th, 2011

So I have been here for a week visiting friends and family in Chicago and the surrounding areas.  I’m a Chicago native, born and raised here so I have a lot of people to visit while I am here before the conference.  So my days have been jam packed!

Since I have been here, the weather has been pretty rainy and gloomy.  So if you are still packing and don’t know what to bring, be sure to bring some rain gear and an umbrella if you think you will be venturing outside into the city.  But of course if you plan on staying indoors, you should be fine.

In addition to seeing as much friends and family I can possibly see, I also have alot of preps for my “Networking” presentation for the IPC on Sunday.  We have Twenty-Two participants eager to start their OR/Analytics career! I hope they have the same eye opening experiences at this conference  that I had back when I attended the IPC  in 2008. It helped me make my decision to pursue a career in OR/Analytics with Booz Allen Hamilton.

Just some FYI for those of you not familiar with Chicago, traffic is horrendous downtown at all hours of the day! You are better off taking the train.  The nearest CTA stop is Grand Ave on the Red Line.  I don’t know how long it takes from Midway, but from O’Hare it will probably take you about 45 min to an Hour.  O’hare is on the Blue line, so you need to transfer to the Red line when you get to the Loop.  Just follow the signs, the CTA is really easy to use.

Save travels everyone and see you there!

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