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by Lisa Jenkins on April 10th, 2011

As probably THE only college student at the conference who’s NOT attending the IPC, an error which we’ll toss up to a communication snafu between myself and my university, I decided to come to the conference anyway, on my own dime.  Today I’m will be  attending  some of the software sessions to learn about the software the professionals use.

I just left the presentation by Maximal Software on Optimization Modelling with MPL and Python.  Cool thing about it was seeing how the software is used.  I was orginally hesitant to register for the software sessions because I thought they would be geared more towards practitioners and the sessions might be a bit over my head.  But, NO SO!  It was nice seeing the software and how it’s used.  And, being developer, the model setup seemed very easy to understand.

I also plan on sticking my head into the IPC session later today.  Anyone else who’s here are also a Analytics and IT hybrid, look me up.  Also, here’s hoping I meet up with the other folks here from the University of Dayton!

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  1. You are not the only student not at the IPC. Of the four attending from Carnegie Mellon, two are at the IPC and two are not.

  2. Paul Thompson permalink

    Lisa, keep an ear out for news of next year’s IPC. It’ll be on the 2012 conference website as well as other places.

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