Why am I still awake????

by Jen Leong on April 17th, 2012

So it’s about 0200 in the morning and I finally got a chance to login for some late night blogging.  There is so much going on throughout the day that I barely get a chance to blog.  I tried to blog on the go with the Word Press app, but I didn’t have much luck logging in.

So first’s thing first….at a minimum I have to post a shout out to my colleagues at Booz Allen Hamilton for winning the Innovation in Analytics Award.  Only in Operations Research would you ever see Booz Allen Hamilton, IBM and the Cleveland Indians in the running for the same award.  Congratulations!

Next up, Congratulations to TNT Express for wining the Edelman! I can’t wait to see their award wining presentation tomorrow.  The

As far as the presentations go, I’d have to say that the presentations I have seen on Track 2 “The Analytics Process” resonate with me the most.  Managing organizational change and building/modifying the right infrastructure has been critical in the success of my projects.  I know its not something we normally want to tackle first, but it has become very apparent to me that nailing down this aspect of an Analytics project is critical to adaption and sustainment of the solutions delivered.   This is why I have always thought that us analytic types need to partner up with strategic policy types and IT/Developer types.  I don’t know of one person that is truly an expert in all aspects of developing and implementing an Analytic solution.  But when partnered up with non-Analytics experts, together, we would be a Problem Solving dream team!

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  1. mary grace crissey permalink

    so glad to hear the results of the ANALYTICS competition. I wish i could have been there in person – but thanks to you BLOG writers – I was able to share along with the exciting congrats to BOOZE ALLEN.

    2AM in the morning – and you took time to write the blog — many many thanks!!!!