California, Here We Come!

by Freeman Marvin on April 10th, 2012
Getting excited this past weekend about the conference, I started to think about what I should pack in order to fit everything in one carry on bag.  “What do you think the weather will be like in L.A.?” I asked my wife.  She gave me one of those looks.  I explained that packing for the INFORMS Business Analytics Conference was a good opportunity to practice solving a knapsack problem.  “Are you going to a meeting or hiking the Sierra Nevadas?” she replied.  ”Well, I should bring a sweater at least, and my Speedos and goggles for the pool.  I will need my Boogie board for the beach, and probably could use my golf clubs.  And I need my skis and boots if I do have a chance to get up into the mountains.”  She folded her arms.  “What are you – Mary Poppins?”  “No, I just want to be prepared in case we have some free time.”  She thought for a moment.  “What problem are you trying to solve, Mr. Knapsack?”  I stood scratching my ear.   As she went out into the backyard, she added over her shoulder,  ”And please don’t wear those Speedos!”
BTW, according to Wikipedia, “several attempts have been made to designate “California, Here I Come” as the official state song of California, especially after a resolution passed by the California State Legislature in 1951 designated “I Love You, California” as the state song. However, these attempts proved unsuccessful, as “I Love You, California” was officially declared the state song in 1988.”  Can’t wait to hear that one!

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  1. Kean permalink

    You will be in good company. I intend to bring my goggles and swimsuit and workout clothes as well. I seriously doubt I will get to use them given the packed conference schedule.