Healthcare Operations

by Guillaume Roels on November 8th, 2010

I am very pleased to see that one of the key themes of this conference, besides energy, is healthcare operations. There are indeed talks on healthcare across the board, in the M&SOM cluster, the Service Science cluster, the Data Mining cluster, the Decision Analysis Cluster, among others, and of course in the Health Applications Sponsor.

This is very timely, and much needed. Although much of the political debate has resolved around healthcare policies, I believe that the healthcare system can also be improved by having a closed look at its operations. This is a great opportunity for OR and the talks presented in this conference reflect that well.

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  1. Gary Bennett permalink

    If you like these healthcae talks, don’t miss INFORMS first conference devoted solely to healthcare O.R., scheduled for June 2011 in Montreal. Lots of technical co-sponsors. Look for fliers at the INFORMS booth, INFORMS Meetings booth, or outside the healthcare sesions rooms. Papers are not being accepted for review.