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by Mary Crissey on November 10th, 2010

I wish I could have stayed on wednesday to catch these two sessions in particular.  I’m highlighting them because I know the speakers will entertain and enlighten you since they are easy to listen to (strong communicators) and also are  intelligent creative gifted analysts.

First session WA track 49 is held in C - level 2 room 10

The  machine learning and Business Intelligence session includes a paper by KDD cup winner and Edeleman finalist Claudia Perlich. Dr Perlich is an active participant in the data mining workshop held the saturday before our annual meeting officially starts.   Even if machine learning is not your “niche” , You will gain from listening to this ANALYTICS talk as you spice up your INFORMS conference.

The last session of the day  WD 24 features decision support analysis for public safety and emergency response - Also in the Convention center - level 4 room19A.

Doug Samuleson will be giving a quick tutorial on agent based simulation and show his model with visual  3D graphics.  One of Dr Samulson’s invention is the Predictive Dialing model which has been implemented in call centers across the globe.   This is your opportunity to see the man behind the words displayed in the story on the last page of ORMS Today - ORacle

The plenary given by Dr Paul Jensen on Spreadsheets and OR will be an eye opener for many.  This INFORMS fellow and retired UT professor is enjoying life in “retirement”  by updating Operations Research Models and Methods.  This website has downloadable Excel Add-Ins and Demo files with data and solutions to accompany the mathematical descriptions for over 40 different modeling techniques - and the # continues to grow!

To be fair - there are MANY many good presenters and valuable talks going on this last day.  in Fact - we could say that the BEST were saved for the last.

Enjoy every last minute of the conference!

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  1. Doug Samuelson permalink

    When I read this, I was seriously considering withdrawing and going off to explore Austin for the rest of the day. I suspect there won’t be anyone there except the speakers. Given how hard it is to find rooms in this horrible convention center, I wouldn’t even bet on the speakers. On Monday I was 20 minutes late to a session I was to present in because two or three student monitors gave me bad directions as I was searching for the room. (Fortunately I had the second presentation, not the first.)

    This has been an unpleasant conference for me for number of reasons. The place is already nearly deserted (this is about 1:15.) I’m seriously asking myself whether I want to do this again any time soon. I doubt that more than a handful of people would notice or care.

    So, thanks for the kind words, Mary Grace. I’ll go through with the presentation, at least in part because you recommended it and I don’t want to embarrass you. But after this, maybe I’ll just let the academic elitists (not all that genuinely elite, by the way, they just think they are) keep their little private club and keep talking to each other about why nobody else cares.