Last day of the conference…

by Burcu Keskin on November 10th, 2010

Last day to make the best out of it. Even though the last day of the conference is typically treated as the stepchild of the whole conference, there are a number of good talks on a number of interesting areas, both sponsored/invited and contributed.  Since I am more interested in supply chain optimization, I wanted to highlight the ones I like:

WA08– Joint Session Location Analysis/Minority Issues Forum: Public Sector Facility Location

WA12– Tactical and Operational Issues in Supply Chain Management

WA72– Joint Session TSL/SPPSN: Aiding Disaster Relief Through Optimization

WB03– Environmental Legislation, Carbon Trading and Supply Chain Management

WB08– Location Modeling Applications

WB12– Emerging Topics in SCM

WB21– Green Supply Chain Management

WC11–Supply Chain Issues and Sustainability

WC12– Retail Supply Chain Management

WC72–Facility Logistics Interactive Session: Distribution Center Operations

WD11– Green Supply Chain

WD24– Joint Session SPPSN/TSL: Decision Support for Emergency Response

WD65– Supply Chain, Shipping and Transportation

I guess “session-hopping” will be inevitable once again! Enjoy!

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  1. Canan permalink

    After Keynote Speaker Perry Noakes’s (from Dell) talk on Monday, it was mentioned that his presentation will later be available to the audience. Is it possible to get a copy of his presentation?

    Thank you
    Canan Savaskan