Packing For the Conference…

by Burcu Keskin on November 4th, 2010

Clothes, shoes, toiletries.. Check!

Laptop.. Check!

Laptop/Cell phone charger.. Check!

Clicker.. Check!

Presentation files, Chapter/Fora/Subdivision documents.. Check!

Things to read/grade/review.. Check!

Baby and baby stuff.. Check! This is going to be my daughter’s second INFORMS conference, and she just turned 10 months old!  It is one thing to get ready for a conference as a professional, it is another one to pack a baby along.. I guess that is one of the challenges we, as working mothers, need to face in terms of how to make it work.

I would invite everybody who is facing similar challenges to the panel discussion on “Balancing Life and Work.” The panel is sponsored by JFIG and WORMS and it will be on Sunday (SD07, C - Ballroom F & G, Level 4 ).  If you are looking for answers, come and listen to our successful panelists. If you already do have answers, please come and share with us!

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  1. Jim Cochrane permalink

    In only twenty-three years your daughter will qualify for the ‘long-time member’ ribbon!