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Vendor Workshops

Take advantage of in-depth training in software solutions provided by leading analytics companies. There is no charge for these workshops when you register for the INFORMS Annual Meeting. All workshops take place on Saturday, November 6 at the Austin Convention Center, Level 4 (use 4th St. entrance).

Sign up for any of these workshops when you register for the meeting. If you have already registered, call 800-446-3676 or 443-757-3500, ext. 591 to add workshops.

9:00am – 11:30am 12:00pm - 2:30pm 3:00pm - 5:30pm
AIMMS (Paragon Decision Technology) Decision Frameworks American Optimal Decisions
AnyLogic-XJ Technologies FICO GAMS Development Corp,
Automatic Forecasting Systems Frontline Systems IBM – ILOG Optimization
Maximal Software Gurobi Optimization Innovative Scheduling
SAS Global Academic Program JMP LINDO Systems
Forio Business Simulations Salford Systems Responsive Learning Technologies

WORKSHOPS - 9:00am - 11:30pm

AIMMS-Paragon Decision Technology   Room 16A
Robust Optimization in the Face of Uncertainty
The world is full of uncertainty: prices, demand, supply, durations and measurements are not always known, but do you consider that in your optimization model? We will show how AIMMS can help you incorporate uncertainty in your decision making model. In the first part of this demo we focus on building a deterministic optimization model, as this forms the basis on which we can incorporate the uncertainty. This also includes some of the advanced graphical capabilities of AIMMS: objects like Pivot table, Network object, bar chart, pie chart, line chart and Gantt chart. The focus of the second part will be different ways of handling uncertainty, including solution pools, Monte Carlo simulation and stochastic programming. However, the main topic will be robust optimization as a way of handling uncertainty. We will show how easy, yet powerful, this is and what it can do to improve your model results. Learn how you can handle (robust) optimization in the face of uncertainty. www.aimms.com/workshops

AnyLogic - XJ Technologies   Room 12B
How do you skin a simulated cat?
The answer? There’s more than one way, of course! AnyLogic is the one tool that recognizes the value of different approaches. With AnyLogic you can build models in discrete event, system dynamics, or agent-based techniques or even combine them to create hybrid models that are truer to your system than those created with single-purpose tools. This workshop provides background, demos and an overview of the tool, and a discussion of our future plans and roadmap. Presented by George Gonzalez-Rivas, Director of AnyLogic America.

Automatic Forecasting Systems, Inc.   Room 14
Autobox Automatic System
A review of pitfalls using simple time series methods where we demonstrate how exponential smoothing and “pick-best” forecasting systems don’t try and model the data, but rather fit the data. Regression (i.e. Transfer Function modeling) in time series will also be discussed. Interesting examples will be reviewed on how to correctly model and the need for automatic procedures to mine the data using the Autobox Automatic System using intervention detection and lead/lag adjustments. We will be giving attendees of the workshop a version of Autobox for use until the end of 2010.

Maximal Software, Inc.   Room 15
Optimization Modeling with MPL and Python: Integrating Optimization in Real-World Business Applications
The workshop focuses on optimization modeling and how to embed optimization models into end-user applications. It is designed to teach participants how to develop their own optimization models, connecting them to data sources, and solve the models using state-of-the-art, industrial strength solvers. We will take you through all the steps of implementing O.R. projects using optimization software tools from Maximal Software, IBM-ILOG and Gurobi. Participants will leave with an excellent overview of optimization modeling and a good working knowledge of how to successfully build optimization applications. We will also demonstrate the new "MPL for Python," a scripting and library interface for the MPL Modeling Language.

SAS Global Academic Program   Room 12A
SAS is the leader in business intelligence and analytical software and services. The SAS® Global Academic Program works with professors, students and researchers to support industry partnerships with academia; deliver technology and resources for teaching and learning; and educate students about business intelligence, analytics and data mining for business advantage.

Forio Business Simulations   Room 16B
Forio Simulate
By the end of our workshop you’ll have a simulation running on the web in a free Forio Simulate account. We will help you get your model running on Forio Simulate. We’ll walk through the process of importing your model as a group and then give you time to get your own model running on the platform. We’ll complete the class with how to use Simulate’s drag-and-drop interface designer.

WORKSHOPS - 12:00pm - 2:30pm

Decision Frameworks, Inc.   Room 12A
Decision Framing for Project Management
Maybe you think your tool kit is complete? After all, you’re a professional with years of experience and training. But there is one tool that will make a big difference in how you and your team approach your projects: Decision Framing for Project Management. Why should you practice Decision Framing? Projects are replete with issues that can obscure plans and divide teams. Correct framing assists project managers and teams to quickly achieve clarity and consensus. Using decision framing, your team can: define the issues - focus the problem - identify project risks and uncertainties - structure the alternatives to be considered - use scenarios to test the impact of each alternative. Come and be introduced to the power of decision framing.

FICO   Room 12B
Solving Super-Size Problems with FICO Xpress Optimization Suite
Some optimization problems are just too big for many applications to solve. If you’re dealing with super-size problems like this, join us to learn how to tackle massively large problems using the FICO Xpress Optimization Suite. You will learn about the latest Xpress 7.1 release including new techniques for problem decomposition using the unique Mosel modeling language, and hear case studies showing how FICO solved super-size problems in supply chain optimization and retail space planning. This workshop will also explore novel ways of modeling existing business problems using linear, mixed integer and quadratic programming techniques.

Frontline Systems, Inc.   Room 14
Optimization and Simulation Models from Excel to Your Intranet or Web Server
See how easily you can go from a prototype model in Microsoft Excel to a full-scale application on your corporate server – in just minutes with Frontline Systems’ Risk Solver Platform V10.0 and Solver Platform SDK V10.0. We’ll take you step by step from creating a model in Excel to solving that model directly in a multi-core application using C++, C# or Java on Windows or Linux. Solve conventional LP/MIP models, nonlinear and non-smooth models, and use robust optimization, stochastic programming and simulation optimization methods. Learn what you can do, and take away a free trial software CD to do it!

Gurobi Optimization   Room 15
Introducing Gurobi 4.0: Quadratic Programming and More
With the release of version 4.0, the Gurobi Optimizer adds quadratic programming solvers to Gurobi’s existing suite of simplex, barrier, and mixed integer programming solvers. We’ll begin with an overview of the Gurobi solvers and some of the innovations that we have introduced over the last two years. There will be a particular emphasis on what’s new in the latest release, Gurobi 4.0, including the new QP simplex, QP barrier and mixed integer QP solvers. Portions of the workshop will also be devoted to how to easily migrate your applications to Gurobi from other solvers, the effects of multi-core processing becoming the standard, and some hints on tuning the performance of the Gurobi MIP solver.  Finally, we will take look the future Gurobi product roadmap.

JMP Division, SAS Institute   Room 16A
Exploration, Visualization and Experimentation with JMP
JMP is modern desktop software for data analysis and visualization. JMP can also be integrated with SAS, providing an easy to use and flexible front end. With integrated graphs and statistical results, users can easily interact with JMP output to dynamically see and investigate hidden patterns in their data. The design of experiments platform provides a complete array of design options, from standard textbook to optimal designs. JMP also provides powerful predictive and analytic methods, along with a variety of data mining and exploratory tools. We will demonstrate these features along with more specific tools for data mining, simulation and optimization in experimental design, business visualization, quality control and features added in the new JMP release, Version 9.

Salford Systems   Room 17A
Salford Systems offers a highly accurate, ultra-fast predictive and data mining platform for developing models from databases of any size, complexity, or organization. Our technologies span classification, regression, survival analysis, missing value analysis, and clustering/segmentation. Core components of our platform include CART®, MARS®, TreeNet® and RandomForests®.

WORKSHOPS - 3:00pm - 5:30pm

American Optimal Decisions   Room 17A
Portfolio Safeguard
Portfolio Safeguard is an advanced nonlinear mixed-integer optimization package used in risk management, financial engineering, military, medical and other applications. Design and solve complex optimization problems with built-in functions (linear, quadratic, maximum, StDev, variance, probability, VaR, CVaR, cardinality, fixed-charge, etc.) See real-life case studies in Windows and MATLAB at www.aorda.com/aod/psg.action.

GAMS Development Corp.   Room 12B
For a complete description of the GAMS workshop, click here.

IBM - ILOG Optimization   Room 16B
The IBM Advanced Analytics Forum Preconference Event
Join us to learn more about IBM's advanced analytics software, featuring products from ILOG Optimization and SPSS. Discover how they deliver complete, consistent and accurate insights and recommendations that decision-makers trust to improve business performance. Combined with rich industry solutions, proven practices and professional services, organizations of every size can make and act upon critical decisions.

Innovative Scheduling, Inc.   Room 15
Solving Complex Scheduling Problems through Decomposition and Network Flows
In the past few years, we have had considerable success in solving some very large-scale and complex planning and scheduling problems arising in the field of logistics and transportation. We will take some of these applications and explain how we modeled these problems, decomposed into smaller problems, and used innovative network flow techniques to solve the overall problem. We will also describe how to package these applications into decision support systems so that non-experts in O.R can use them. We will share the dos, don’ts, and lessons learned. We invite students and academicians, as well as practitioners, to attend the workshop, and will ensure that it is an invaluable learning experience for them.

LINDO Systems, Inc.   Room 16A
The Art of Modeling with LINGO and What’s Best!
Even with recent solver improvements, model formulation can be critical in determining performance. Learn the latest modeling methodology and newest capabilities in linear, quadratic, nonlinear, global and stochastic optimization in finance, production planning, supply chain management, engineering design and more. Discover the newest features of our modeling language, Excel add-in and callable library. Receive full trial versions to jump-start your next project.

Responsive Learning Technologies, Inc.   Room 14
Play Online Games for Operations Management and Supply Chain Courses
This workshop will be split into two 45-minute sessions where participants will play abbreviated versions of online games used in hundreds of institutions worldwide to engage students in traditional operations topics. The first 45-minute session will cover the Littlefield Technologies game for introductory operations. The second session will cover the Supply Chain Game. Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop but not required to do so.

Solving Business Problems with OPTMODEL and SAS   Room 12A
The optimization modeling capabilities of OPTMODEL are just one part of the SAS approach to addressing complex business problems. We will highlight OPTMODEL’s power and versatility in modeling and in creating solution algorithms. We will also illustrate seamless integration with other SAS analytic, reporting, and deployment capabilities to produce end-to-end solutions.


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