Current Issues in Operations Management

Session: TD17
Date/Time: Tuesday 15:15-16:45
Type: Invited
Cluster: Optimization Days
Room: Studio 370
Chair: Kevin Z. Weng
Chair Address: School of Bus., Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI 53706-1323,
Chair E-mail:

TD17.1 Incentive Strategies Favor Non-Consolidating Queueing Service Systems: The Principal-Agent Perspective Stephen M. Gilbert, Kevin Z. Weng --- Case Western Reserve Univ., Weatherhead Sch. of Mgmt., 10900 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH 44016-7235, ()
We study a service network in which an agency is responsible for meeting the expected waiting and service time required by customers. We model the facilities' self-interested capacity decisions as the solution to a game. Our analysis challenges the conventional wisdom on the value of risk-pooling by consolidating service queues.

TD17.2 What Do Managers Need to Know About Operations Management? Suzanne de Treville --- American Sch. of Intl. Mgmt., Archamps Campus, Grand-Rue 57, Founex, 1297 , Switzerland ()
Over the past couple of decades, a large number of improvement approaches have been developed for managing operations. Is there some core understanding of OM that is fundamental to most of the common OM approaches? We attempt to distill a simple and comprehensive framework of managing operations from a collection of popular techniques.

TD17.3 Integrating Production, Inventory & Transportation in Supply Chain Management Ana Muriel, Lap Mui A. Chan, David Simchi-Levi --- Univ of MI, Grad. Sch. of Bus. Admin., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1234, ()
We review recent results on integrating production, inventory and transportation in large scale supply chains. Our focus is on the development of theory and algorithms to efficiently solve problems that involve the coordination of production decisions, inventory policies and transportation strategies in the presence of economies of scale.

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