What keeps you up at night? Here’s your chance to vent, learn, and get some sleep.

by Gary Bennett on March 23rd, 2010

The INFORMS Conference on O.R. Practice has a pretty well-earned reputation for providing good opportunities to network and discuss common areas of interest in a casual setting.  The “birds of a feather” gatherings, as the organizers like to call them, allow you to sit down with snacks and a facilitator and focus in on topics you care about.  The organizers have come up with some interesting birds of a feather topics such as (1) selling and implementing O.R., (2) serving the general analytics market, (3) health care and humanitarian O.R., (4) O.R. in the hospitality, entertainment and other service industries, and (5) the job market for O.R. professionals.   Not bad, but I wonder if they have missed some hot topics.  What keeps you up at night?  Do you have something you’d like to get off your chest and find out how others are dealing with it?  Let us know what you’d like to see the birds take on.

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  1. David Leonhardi permalink

    Here is a hot topic for the DA folks… Has Decision Analysis become to process oriented and cumbersome for today’s business environment? Do we need a way to make it more nimble and responsive?

  2. Stephen Garrett permalink

    Multicultural Management Science is my “bird” – I’ve floated the idea of a section on it at a couple of meetings. Group the title either way – I think we should recognize that OR/MS is done in a wide range of cultural settings (and context matters!), and I also think we can bring our research / modeling mindset to the world of multicultural management, with its unique challenges. As a practitioner who came to this view from working in a wide range of cultures, I’d be keen to hear how other practitioners feel about it.

  3. David,
    I think a more interesting question is where is our profession going? I tried to offer some suggestions at last years conference. See

    I think DA is part of a larger framework. We are becoming decision coaches, not decision analysts.

    We are helping groups of people move toward mutual learning with a combination of coaching, process and management science tools.

    DA has a bright future but it has to broaden its scope.

    Sorry I can’t be there this year.

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