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by Walt DeGrange on April 16th, 2010

Hello my name is Walt DeGrange. I practice OR in the Navy and this is my second Practice Conference. My first one was two years ago in Baltimore. Enough about me…

I am going to try and take a little different angle on this year’s conference. I am going to attempt a behind the scenes look at the conference and see if there is any attempt to practice OR. Now I am not saying that we should use OR to analyze every task (although I am working on an optimization for tying my shoes) but rather open the aperture. Some of the stuff I intend to look into:

If anyone else has any ideas of stuff you want me to look into then comment below. I will try to honor all requests as time permits.

Hope everyone has safe travels and see you in Orlando!

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  1. mary permalink

    I’ve wished we had an analysis of traffic activity in the exhibit area. certainly when coffee break centers are located near the booths – flow will increase at those interval. wonder if the timing of the booth hours is “optimal” ? or if we are closing too late or too early…

    good seeing you in huntsville at the regional conference – enjoy the practice conference – its my favorite

  2. Peter Buczkowski permalink

    This information is much easier to capture with newer technology – we’ve been using relatively inexpensive people-counting cameras with a high degree of accuracy. Perhaps a thought for next year…

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