Soft Skills Workshop

by Adam Clark on April 16th, 2010

In Denver

T-2 days until the Soft Skill Workshop.  This year I decided to do a little extra and try the workshop.  While I am certainly interested in doing rigorous hard analysis, the idea that there is an appropriate  time and place for the soft skills speaks to me.  I am already wondering – how will I measure up in this area?  Will I find that I am proficient or in dire need of help (strongly suspect the latter).  I’ll be sure to pass on all the great advice that I receive!

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  1. Hi Adam,
    Sounds like you’ll measure up well. I specialise in helping people develop and enhance their soft skills. The very fact that you are recognising that it is important to have well-developed soft skills puts you way ahead of most people. We are realising today that it is important to have a balance between the hard technical skills we need to perform our jobs and the equally important soft skills. One of the things about soft skills is that you can’t get taught them like you can get taught a practical skill. Soft skills are usually learnt and enhanced in interaction with other people, e.g., a coach or mentor or a small group working together on helping one another.
    I am setting up some online mentoring programs on soft skills development in the next few months. The first one will be Soft Skills for Accountants and after that Soft Skills for Leaders.

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