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by Adam Clark on April 20th, 2010

Overall I was very satisfied with the Practice conference.  Clearly I didn’t attend ALL of the presentations, but I wanted to pitch my nomination for this year’s “Best Of”.  If you presented but don’t see your name here – just assume that I must not have attended yours.  :)

Most Interesting New Idea:  ”Better, Smarter Electricity Markets” Richard O’Neill – Apparently my future refrigerator will talk with power grid about the best time to defrost – how cool is that!

Most Entertaining Presentation: A TIE between “Fueled By Randomness” by Sanjay Saigal and “The Balance Beam Process” by Donald Buckshaw. Who says O.R. Analyst don’t have a sense of humor?

Most Educational: “Solving the World’s Simplest Problem” by Homie Razavi.  All of the small diversions on why the data was shaped the way it was contained bits of trivia I never knew I didn’t know.

Best Networking Event: The Posters.  I would have thought that one of the lunches would be better for this – but the noise was so loud that I could only talk to those right next to me. However, while the poster displays were a bit tight – it was much easier to have a conversation and learn about someone’s work.

Best Badge Ribbon: The Neon-Yellow “Blogger” ribbon could be seen from across the room.  There was one report that London would start allowing planes to leave due to a break in the ash-cloud – only to learn that the light was really coming from these bright ribbons in Orlando.

Best Memory from the Conference: INDEVAL winning the Edelman Award. The immediate celebration by the winners was so infectious that I felt like joining in the dancing.

Til next year!

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  1. Jaime Villasenor permalink

    We now know our celebration was “memorable”. We would just like listening all of you who thought it was worthwhile to have us in then Franz Edelman award. Some of us dedicated an important part of our lives to this project. That is part of the reason we were so happy.

    Since OR has taught us so much I would just hope that we could give something back with our presentation.


    Jaime Villasenor
    Chief Risk Officer

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