A Prestigious International Conference in a Fabulous Tropical Setting

  • Presentations on the latest developments in OR/MS
  • Resort hotel with spectacular beach, water sports, golf
  • Receptions on the beach and in Old San Juan
  • Spectacular tours
  • Salsa lessons!




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Celebrating the Globalization of Operations Research and the Management Sciences
The field of operations research and the management sciences (OR/MS) emerged from the need to find better solutions to complex operational problems. OR/MS techniques have been widely used for such diverse applications as medical diagnosis and treatment, military deployment, emergency evacuation management, fleet scheduling and corporate supply chain management. The field has become an essential component of the decision-making process in major sectors of the economy. Each successful new OR/MS application has generated new research, which in turn has led to new applications as well as to improvements in existing methods.

Since its inception, our profession has been instrumental in providing industry and government with superior solutions to complex problems. While we can be proud of these contributions, OR/MS must reach out to the developing world, to facilitate economic development and improve human welfare. The Puerto Rico meeting will highlight applications and new methodologies that have the potential to assist in this effort.

The meeting will also evaluate techniques and strategies for addressing the challenges created by evolving geopolitical and economic developments and trends, including globalization; new technologies such as RFID and e-business; and the increased emphasis on corporate and governmental security. The meeting will emphasize the discipline’s interdisciplinary approach to such problems, and examine the challenges of using OR/MS techniques in non-traditional domains.

We invite you to share your knowledge, experience and methodologies with the other members of your profession. Puerto Rico, with its rich history and vibrant culture, is a perfect setting for this meeting. The reception will feature the wonderful food and music of the region, and there will be opportunities to explore the island’s attractions. So come join more than 1,000 of your colleagues from around the world, who will present the latest in OR/MS research, techniques, successes and challenges.

Karla Hoffman
General Chair

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