Management of Technology: Methodology Issues & Examples

Session: TE16
Date/Time: Tuesday 16:30-18:00
Type: Sponsored
Sponsor: INFORMS Section on Technology Management
Room: Adobe
Chair: Richard L. Smith
Chair Address: AZ State Univ., IMSE Dept., Coll. of Eng., Tempe, AZ 85287 ,
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TE16.1 A Technology Assessment Primer for Management of Technology Anne De Piante Henriksen --- Univ. of NM, Anderson Schs. of Mgmt., Albuquerque, NM 87131-1221,
Effective MOT requires tools and techniques that contribute to a clearly defined MOT methodology. Technology assessment is an important component of such a methodology. A comprehensive tool kit of technology assessment techniques will be presented and each will be briefly described.

TE16.2 Creating a Competitive Advantage Through Management of Technology Lee Maginniss --- Price Waterhouse, , , (
Organizations will continue to operate within increasingly complex environments responsiveness pressures. As a result, technological resources will continue to be an essential means of managing this complexity and enabling organizations to rapidly make sound business decisions. Given technology's critical role, organizations that develop a MOT approach to define and accomplish its objective will thrive...

TE16.3 Reflections on the Subject of Multiple Methodologies for the Management of Technology William T. Flannery --- Univ. of TX, MOT Program, 6900 N Loop 1604 W, San Antonio, TX 78249-0634, (
MOT is emerging as an unique and distinct discipline linking multiple disciplines from traditional business and engineering fields of study and application. Evolving disciplines are normally characterized by the development of a dominant methodology that lags slightly the emergence and integration of a body of knowledge. MOT, however, is likely to develop multiple methodologies, reflecting unique environmental needs.

TE16.4 Management of Technology Methodologies: Past, Present & Future Richard L. Smith --- AZ State Univ., IMSE Dept., Coll. of Eng., Tempe, AZ 85287 , (
A primary requirement for the deployment of MOT is methodology that can be documented and communicated to individuals working in organizations. The 21st century distributed organization will itself depend on enabling technology. A broadened array of technologies including not only process, material and technology but also IT, people technology, organizational technology and customer technology must be treated as technological resources...