INFORMING THE GLOBE - INFORMS Annual Meeting San Diego 2009 bkgd INFORMS Annual Meeting San Diego, October 11-14, 2009
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Whether you work in industry, government or consulting, you’ll find the best applications resources at the INFORMS Annual Meeting.

CPMS: The Practice Section of INFORMS
Track 26, Center-31B, Upper Level
Real-world applications are the focus of sessions organized by CPMS, the Practice Section of INFORMS. Included are presentations by speakers from Boeing, GE Research, IBM, ExxonMobil, FAA and other leading organizations.

Certification Process for OR/MS Professionals
Track 26, Center -31B, Upper Level
Two sessions focus on the development of a certification process for O.R. practitioners. The first session (SA26) offers three presentations on establishing standards, taking education into account for credentialing, and single- versus multi-level certification. The second session (MA26) features a panel discussion organized by an INFORMS task force that is studying certification. Interested attendees are encouraged to provide new ideas, opinions and feedback as the panel discusses the issues and concerns related to certification.

2009 Daniel H. Wagner Prize Competition
Sponsored by CPMS, The Practice Section of INFORMS
Track 42, Hilton – Sapphire P, 4th Floor
The Wagner Prize Competition recognizes the quality and coherence of analysis used in practice, with an emphasis on good writing, strong analytical content and verifiable practice success. In three sessions on Monday, the 2009 competitors will present projects undertaken for six companies: Schneider National, IBM, Hub Group, Intel, GE Energy and Petrobas. On Tuesday morning (TA42), the winner will be announced and will reprise their presentation.

Reprise: 2009 Edelman Finalists & Winner - INFORMS Prize
Sponsored by CPMS, The Practice Section of INFORMS
Track 26, Center-31B
Keynote, Monday (3:10-4:00pm),
Hilton-Sapphire I, 4th Floor
The 2009 Edelman Competition finalists and the 2009 INFORMS Prize winner will reprise their presentations in Track 26 on Monday and Tuesday. The Edelman Prize recognizes analytics projects that had major impacts on their client organizations. The 2009 finalists are: CSX Railway, IBM, Marriott International, Norske Skog and Zara. The INFORMS Prize is awarded annually to a company that effectively integrates applied OR/MS principles into organizational decision making. The 2009 winner is Intel Corporation. On Monday at 3:10-4:00pm, the 2009 Edelman winner, Hewlett-Packard, will reprise their winning presentation in a keynote address.

O.R. Practice in INFORMS Roundtable Companies
Sponsored by the INFORMS Roundtable
Tuesday (TB68)
Track 68, Hilton-206, 2nd Floor
This special session will feature presentations on O.R. at three Roundtable companies. Included are talks on optimization applications at SAS Institute, improving operations at GE, and the practice of OR/MS inside Intel Corporation.

CPMS Isolated Practitioner Workshop & Reception
Monday, 6:15-7:15pm
Center – Room 31B, Upper Level
This special event is geared to the interests of isolated practitioners, the “Lone Rangers” of OR/MS. The 26th workshop in this series will address timely issues that affect the isolated practitioner community. All are welcome; wine and cheese will be served.

See pages 31-33 for abstracts and schedule.
These 90-minute sessions offer an in-depth look at current methodologies. Topics include global operations management, lean Six Sigma in services, open-source software, innovation and product development, logistics and transportation in global supply chain and more. INFORMS has published nine of the tutorials in a CD. All meeting registrants can pick up a complimentary CD. A Tutorials coupon was included in your badge envelope; bring it to the tutorials booth next to the registration desk or to the INFORMS booth in the exhibit hall (#41-43) to pick up your CD. Book format and additional CDs may also be purchased during the meeting at discounted prices.

Software Demonstrations
See pages 34-36 for abstracts and schedule.
See new product releases, case studies and software presented by leading vendors and solution providers.

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