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by Maarten Oosten on October 12th, 2009

The Community Business Meetings are great opportunities to meet colleagues that are interested in the same field of OR and to stay abreast of various relevant initiatives and activities. I for one try to stay in touch with the Rail Application Section and the Section on Revenue Management & Pricing.

Here I will focus on the Section on Revenue Management & Pricing. Over the past decade there has been a growing interest in this area. At this conference the section sponsored 33 sessions and as such it is a significant contributor. In fact, this section has the potential to become a full-fledged society.

The meeting starts with an opportunity to catch up with the other members in an informal way. As is typical for this organization there is a balanced mix of academics and practitioners. After the introductions the meeting takes off in a professional and concise manner.  So what do you learn in a meeting like this?

Besides meeting the new officers and an overview of last year’s achievements, you would know that about the new repository for training materials on RM. Also, the next Section conference (number 10 already) will take place at Cornell, June 16-18. At this conference there will be a new RM&P Practice Prize, with as key requirement that the solution is actually used and impactful.  Furthermore, you would have had an opportunity to congratulate the winners of the existing prices that the section awards:

It is not too late to congratulate them in case you happen to see them the coming days.

You can find more information at the section’s website: There are of course many more of these communities. If you are not yet a member of such an INFORMS community you may want to stop by the Community Counter at the INFORMS Registration Desk and join the one that is right for you. And next time, attend the business meeting!

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