Today’s update and an lost item announcement

by Hari Balasubramanian on October 12th, 2009

Finished my second presentation today — had one yesterday and have one more tomorrow. My session went well. I called it “Healthcare Potpourri” because it had a talk on modeling diversions in an emergency department, two talks on the operational issues that health insurance companies face, and one talk on measuring surgeon productivity. The dicussion was good. This was partly because the talks were not math-intensive (a good thing, I feel, for there is little an audience get out of a mathematical presentation in 20 minutes).

I had curry cravings right after, and headed straight to Masala, the fancy-looking Indian restaurant less than half a mile from the Hilton. And the afternoon has been all about chatting with colleagues.

And finally an announcement for a friend, Nat, who has lost her bag. Here’s her description:

“Red bag with stationary and 2 USB drives. Might have forgotten at Odysea 2nd floor at Hilton Hotel. Please contact me at 480-516-2790″

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  1. Vijai Atavane permalink

    I love the gas lamp district and all the restaurants there. Not sure if i have tried Masala….. hope you are having a good time…

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