OR Goes Green?

by Guillaume Roels on October 11th, 2009

Is this conference greener than in the previous years or is it just me who is paying more attention to sustainability-related issues? Very timely, given that the Copenhagen summit is just a few months ahead…

There seems to be many more sessions on sustainability. Just for tomorrow, I was able to spot 10+ sessions which explicitly focus on green supply chains, green energy, or carbon emissions (without counting the related topics of urban planning, transportation, etc.). Among the keynote sessions, Hau Lee will tak tomorrow about socially and environmentally-responsible supply chains and John Sterman will explain on Tuesday why the response to climate change has been so slow.

I am also pleased to see that the conference organizers encouraged us not to request a print copy of the program. (Is there also a way to avoid getting the bag?) Although I was enthusiastic about the latter initiative, I have to admit that I have been disappointed by the web technology used by the online program. In particular, there is no way to save my itinerary to update it later; once a session has been included in my itinerary, I cannot click on the session title to get more details about the speakers; and the rooms are not listed in the electronic program. I am sure that there must be web technology out there that would provide a more convenient access to the conference program. Although I congratulate the organizers for this initiative, I hope that the technology will be more mature next year to convert me to the online program.

Please send your suggestions to make this conference even greener!

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  1. For more on green O.R., see my blog greenOR.org.. I will not be at INFORMS 2009, but if anyone is interested in guest posting impressions of green OR from the meeting, let me know.

  2. Y. Gunalay permalink

    I believe the conference organizers are doing an excellent (and green) job this year. Blog and attendee twitter feeds are perfect green ideas. One can still catch up with the conference events even without flying to San Diago.

    In regard to bags, bag policy by Ontario government might be helpful; pay an extra 10 cents, if you want the conference bag!

    Thank you everyone who writes for conference blog, and of course the organizers.

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