Welcome to the 2009 Annual Meeting!

by Erica Klampfl on October 11th, 2009

Welcome to everyone who has already arrived in San Diego for the INFORMS conference.  I arrived last night to weather a bit warmer than what we are currently experiencing in Michigan.  I’m looking forward to several days of sunny weather and stimulating talks.

For those of you experiencing this conference for the first time, it can be a bit daunting with around 75 parallel talks.  A few tips to make your experience more fulfilling and to find the right talks:  (1) look up names of people who are working in areas you’re interested in and see when they’re talking, (2) select sessions based on topics of interest, (3) it is sometimes difficult to session hop when talks are in different locations, so realize that if sessions you’re interested in attending aren’t close in proximity, you will only be able to attend one, (4) if you are interested in practitioner’s talks, check out http://meetings.informs.org/SanDiego09/practitioners.html.  I particularly like both the Wagner Prize talks and the Edelman Reprisal talks (5) as co-chair of the Interactive Session, I should put in a special plug for everyone to visit this session held in the Exhibit Hall between 12:30 and 1:30 on both Monday and Tuesday.  This is a good opportunity to interact directly with many different speakers on a variety of topics.  (6) attend the different receptions and try and network as much as possible.  Tonight is the welcome reception, but also check out the Minority Issues Forum Reception that starts at 8pm and don’t forget the awards ceremony and dessert reception starting at 8:30. (7) anyone with other helpful tips, please post in a comment.

I have a bright yellow tag on my badge, so if you don’t want to write an online comment, please feel free to stop me and introduce yourself.

Looking forward to meeting you (online or in person)!


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