Can modeling be taught? Can OR become a household word?

by Matt Saltzman on October 11th, 2009

This morning I was supposed to attend a portion of the INFORMS board meeting.  While waiting for my segment to start, I happened on Jim Orlin’s [panel|tutorial||workshop] on teaching modeling of unstructured content.  Jim, Stephen Powell, and Robert Shumsky talked a bit about some research that they’ve done with students on how they approach the problem of building a model from an unstructured problem.  They involved the audience in an exercise to do the same right there in the session, and we talked about some of the frameworks that people seemed to use.  I had to leave in the middle, but see Mike Trick’s more detailed post on this subject.

I was at the board meeting to participate in a presentation of the new INFORMS Online (see what we are up to at the IOL launch party tonight at 6pm in Hilton 206).  But I saw an interesting presentation on publicizing the work that we do to the press and the public.  There are some interesting initiatives being proposed to help support INFORMS members who want to tell their stories in the media.  There were also suggestions about how the press does its job and how OR people can help them help us publicize our work.  Barry List, INFORMS’s Director of Public Relations, has a workshop on on this topic on Tuesday TA69 in the Hilton, Indigo A.

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