INFORMING THE GLOBE - INFORMS Annual Meeting San Diego 2009 bkgd INFORMS Annual Meeting San Diego, October 11-14, 2009
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4th INFORMS Workshop on Data Mining
and System Informatics

Saturday, October 10, 2009, 8:30am-5:00pm

Thanks to Our Sponsor!


Opening Address (8:30am-8:55am)
1. Program Chair’s Welcome (15 minutes).
2. Sponsor’s Talk (10 minutes), SAS
Session 1: (9:00am—10:00am, Each Talk has 20 Minutes)
1. A Comparison of Regression Methods for Prediction of Plasma Etch Rate Using Optical Emission Spectral Data
2. Classification for Microarray Gene Expression Data by Iterative Reselection Penalized Logistic Regression
3. Human Decision Making Process Based Data Mining Approach Using High-Dimensional Data for Discriminant Analysis
Break (10:00am—10:30am)
Session 2: (10:30am—11:30am)
1. A Comparison of CUSUM, EWMA, and Scan Statistics for the Detection of Poisson Rate Increases in the Bio Surveillance
2. Knowledge Discovery and Mining of Ground-level Ozone Data
3. Dynamic Ensemble Construction via Heuristic Optimization
Plenary Lunch Speech (11:30am-12:00)
Title: What we could and what we should not learn from data
Speaker: Endre Boros (RUTCOR, Rutgers University)
Lunch (12:00—1:00pm)
Session 3 (1:15pm-2:15pm):
1. Visualization by Supercomputing Data Mining
2. Filling in Missing Attribute Values Based on Ordered Attribute Selection
3. Modeling for CO2 flux and Climate Changes
Break (2:15pm-2:45pm)
Session 4 (2:45pm—3:45pm)
1. Pharmacy System Informatics: Data Mining using Data Envelopment Analysis to Improve Performance
2. PROACT: Sensor based Early-warning System for improving Quality of Care for the Elderly
3. Risk Estimation Methods for Targeted Patient Care: Indicators from Contextual & Temporal Medical Data
Contest Winners’ Show (4:00pm-5:00pm)



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