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Submission to the Interactive Sessions is Closed.

You are invited to submit an interactive presentation for display at the 2009 INFORMS Annual Meeting. The Interactive Sessions provide excellent visibility for posters and laptop displays, with prominent placement in a busy area of the meeting. A prestigious judging panel made up of INFORMS leaders will review each display and present a $750 award at each of the two Interactive Sessions.
All Interactive presentations will be scheduled on either Monday, October 12, or Tuesday, October 13. Authors are expected to be at their display from 12:30pm-1:30pm; people have been told that authors will be available then to describe their work.  
Judging will occur between 12:30 and 1:30pm. Presentations will be judged on the display design and effectiveness and the author’s verbal presentation, as well as on content. The award winner for each day will be announced at 1:30pm.


Submission Instructions

  • Submit here; in the online form, select “Interactive Session” (#073).  
  • Have the following information ready: contact information for yourself and any co-authors, the session title and a 50-word abstract.
  • In the Topic Area of the online form, select "Interactive Session (#073).
  • The contributing author will be assumed to be the individual who will attend the San Diego meeting to present the session (all attendees must register and pay the meeting fee).


Display/Presentation Guidelines


  • You have two options for a poster display: (1) mounted on a bulletin board (board provided by INFORMS), or (2) a three-panel display that you provide to stand on a table (table provided by INFORMS).
  • The bulletin board provided by INFORMS measures 8 feet wide by 4 feet high. Your overall poster must fit within that space.
  • The display table provided by INFORMS measures 6 feet wide by 18 inches deep. Your display must be constructed to stand alone on this table.
  • You can produce your poster as (1) a single large sheet of paper that can be rolled and transported in a tube or one large piece of corrugated plastic that can be folded in thirds for easy transport; (2) as multiple pages that are mounted onto the bulletin board, or (3) as a three-panel display.
  • For the three-panel display, we recommend that the title and overview be placed on the middle panel, with other information on the left and right panels.
  • For all posters, please follow these guidelines:
    • Maintain a good contrast between background and foreground text.
    • Avoid acronyms and extensive mathematical notation as much as possible.
    • Overview information should include the poster title and full names of all contributors, their affiliations, addresses and an email and/or web link. The overview should also include one or more of the following: a short description of the problem, objectives of the work, the methodology utilized, conclusions, relevant diagrams, graphs and charts in order to present an overview for the application.

Laptop Demo/Media Loop/3D Display

  • INFORMS will provide a table (6 feet wide by 18 inches deep) and electrical connection. Projection (using a computer projector) is not possible due to space constraints. Internet connection is also NOT available.
  • You may wish to combine a laptop or 3D display with use of the bulletin board. In this case, the table will be placed against the bulletin board; the available space on the board will then be no larger than 8 feet wide by 3 feet high.

If you have questions about display guidelines, please contact Cheryl Clark, INFORMS Meeting Planner, at (800-343-0062 or 401-722-2595 x202)

If you have general questions about the Interactive Sessions, contact Teresa Cryan, Director of Meetings at (800-343-0062 or 401-722-2595 x210).


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