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All workshops take place on Saturday, October 10 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel
You must register for the INFORMS Annual Meeting in order to sign up for any of these workshops. If you have already registered, call 800-446-3676 or 443-757-3500, ext. 591 to add workshops.

9:00am – 11:30am 12:00pm - 2:30pm 3:00pm - 5:30pm
AIMMS (Paragon) FICO Frontline Systems
American Optimal Decisions Gurobi Optimization GAMS Development
Maximal Software JMP IBM
SAS Global Academic Program Salford Systems Imagine That
    LINDO Systems
  Responsive Learning

WORKSHOPS - 9:00am - 11:30pm

AIMMS (Paragon Decision Technology)
Optimization in the Face of Uncertainty
The world is full of uncertainty. Prices, supply and demand, durations and measurements are not always known. But do you consider that in your optimization model? In this workshop, we will show how AIMMS can help you incorporate uncertainty in your decision making model. In the first part of this demo, we focus on building a deterministic optimization model, as this forms the basis in which we can incorporate the uncertainty. This doesn’t include just the optimization model, but also some of the advanced graphical capabilities that AIMMS has; objects like pivot tables, network objects, bar charts, pie charts, line charts and Gantt charts.

The focus of the second part will be different ways of handling uncertainty. This ranges from the ability to generate different solutions using solution pools and evaluating those solutions using Monte Carlo simulation, to stochastic programming and robust optimization to find better solutions. Some of these features will be illustrated with examples from customers. Join us and learn how you can handle optimization in the face of uncertainty (no AIMMS experience is needed). For more information and details go to

American Optimal Decisions
Portfolio Safeguard by AORDA
Portfolio Safeguard by AORDA is an advanced optimization package for risk management, financial engineering, military, medical and other applications. Design and solve complex optimization problems with built-in functions (linear, quadratic, maximum, St. Dev., variance, probability, VaR, CVaR, cardinality, fixed-charge...). Real-life case studies in Windows, MATLAB, C++, Run-File (download problems/data from ).

Maximal Software
Optimization Modeling with MPL: New Features, New Trends and Free Software
The workshop will cover a wide range of topics related to optimization modeling and the MPL Modeling System. We will start by introducing Maximal Software and the new Free Development and Academic programs for MPL. Then we will cover formulating and solving optimization models in MPL, connecting to databases and spreadsheets, and new stochastic extensions for MPL.  Next, we will introduce the open source solver CoinMP, and how to achieve optimal solution performance through tuning and other methods. Finally, we will give a demonstration on how to embed optimization models into end-user applications. The workshop is designed to teach the participants how to develop their own optimization models, connecting them to data sources, and solve the models using state-of-the-art, industrial strength solvers. For more information, go to

SAS Global Academic Program
Introduction to SAS Enterprise Miner
This workshop covers the skills required to assemble analysis flow diagrams using the rich tool set of SAS Enterprise Miner for both pattern discovery (segmentation, association, and sequence analyses) and predictive modeling (decision tree, regression and neural network models). The primary emphasis will be on predictive modeling, with an example of how SAS Enterprise Miner can be used to build models, select a model and score a data set.

WORKSHOPS - 12:00pm - 2:30pm

Fast Track Optimization Modeling Using Xpress
This workshop will provide participants with insight into new modeling and optimization techniques, and first-hand accounts from leading business practitioners on how they are currently using optimization to solve practical problems. The talks given by modeling experts from FICO will be technical in nature touching on novel ways of modeling existing business problems while the talks given by Xpress users will focus on how they are using Xpress to make smarter decisions.

Gurobi Optimization
Gurobi Version 2.0: The New Performance Leader in Linear and Mixed-Integer Programming
Find out how Gurobi has become the new performance leader. We will explain our algorithmic framework, built from the ground up to provide maximum flexibility in exploiting modern strategies for solving mixed-integer programs. We will describe several new initiatives intended to broaden the access to state-of-the-art optimization tools. A hands-on demonstration will be given of how to use the Gurobi solver and libraries to build, solve, and tune performance on real-world models. Be the first to learn about the new features and performance enhancements in Gurobi 2.0, including a look at present-day commodity parallel architectures and their effect on optimization software. See the performance results that demonstrate that Gurobi Optimization is the new leader.

Exploration, Experimentation and Visualization with JMP
JMP, developed by SAS Institute, is both a desktop tool for data analysis and visualization and an easy-to-use and flexible client to SAS. JMP is also integrated with select SAS products including Sim Studio, a new discrete event simulation software. JMP provides the user with both graphs and statistics together and the user can easily interact with these graphs to see and explore hidden patterns in their data. JMP also provides data mining and other predictive tools to help you discover important characteristics of your data.

The design of experiments platform provides a complete array of design options from standard textbook to optimal designs. Visualization capabilities now include platforms for viewing four or more variables and for creating Flash Files. This workshop will demonstrate these features along with more specific tools for data mining, simulation and optimization in experimental design, data visualization, reliability and discrete event simulation using Sim Studio.

Salford Systems
Getting Started with Data Mining
Curious about data mining, but not sure where to start or how it can help you? We'll walk you through the basic concepts of data mining and discuss several available methods, then demonstrate live modeling runs with real-world data and show how the results can yield new insights.

WORKSHOPS - 3:00pm - 5:30pm

Frontline Systems, Inc.
Optimal Decisions for Uncertain Models – Faster Than Ever
Attend this workshop for a first look at Risk Solver Platform V9.5, from the innovation leader in optimization and simulation, Frontline Systems. We’ve lowered the learning barrier, and raised the power to explore uncertainty and find optimal decisions. See how you can easily build models with elements like random variables, chance constraints, and recourse decisions, and apply robust optimization, stochastic programming and simulation optimization methods with the click of a button, using your multi-core PC for speed. You’ll come away with a new enthusiasm for what you can do, and a free trial CD of software tools to do it!

GAMS Development Corp.
GAMS Modeling System and Productivity Tools
This workshop will show you how to use the GAMS modeling tools in an efficient and productive way. There will be an introduction to the system and a presentation of the key concepts in GAMS. We will show how easily GAMS interacts with other applications and programming languages. You will also get an introduction to analyzing and debugging large problems using the various tools available within the GAMS system. A personal copy of GAMS will be available for all workshop participants.

IBM ILOG Optimization
IBM® ILOG Optimization Technical Forum
Join the IBM ILOG Optimization team for a stimulating pre-conference technical forum, featuring interactive discussions with our product experts, alongside key members of the 4000+ strong IBM Business Analytics and Optimization team. During the forum, we will be unveiling details of the IBM Academic Initiative program specifically for the operations research teaching community – as well as exciting new enhancements to the IBM ILOG Optimization Academic Research Program! Plus, as always, you’ll have the chance to provide direct input to our product management team, to help shape future product releases.

Imagine That, Inc.
Learn to model with ExtendSim 7
Learn to model with ExtendSim 7! Bring your laptop to this hands-on training and experience for yourself the ease of use, flexibility, and power of using Imagine That Inc.'s simulation tool. In this session, you will build a complete simulation model using ExtendSim. At the end of the class, you may keep your model and a free copy of ExtendSim LT-RunTime. Walk-ins are welcome, but please try to arrive at the beginning of the session to achieve maximum benefit.

Solving Your Problems Quickly with LINGO and What’s Best
This application-oriented workshop demonstrates how to quickly setup, solve and deploy optimization models using LINDO software – noted for ease of use, generality, robustness and speed. Learn how to take into account randomness, do parametric studies, and easily create solution presentations, in applications such as multi-period portfolio planning, purchasing and capacity planning under uncertainty.

Responsive Learning Technologies
Online Games for Operations Management and Supply Chain Courses
This workshop will be split into two 45-minute sessions where participants will play abbreviated versions of online games used in hundreds of institutions worldwide to engage students in traditional operations topics. The first 45-minute session will cover the Littlefield Technologies game for introductory operations. The second session will cover the Supply Chain Game. Participants are encouraged but not required to bring a laptop computer.

Solving Business Optimization Problems with OPTMODEL
OPTMODEL provides powerful, accessible optimization modeling, fully integrated with other SAS strengths in analytics, data handling, and reporting. Learn how OPTMODEL supports standard and advanced optimization models and algorithms for LP, MILP, QP, NLP, and beyond. We’ll illustrate OPTMODEL’s capabilities with case studies drawn from our successful work with customers across a wide range of industries.

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