INFORMS National Meeting: Washington, 1996
Call for Papers


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Call for Papers; Abstract Deadline: October 7, 

INFORMS Washington, D.C. Spring 1996; Institute for
Operations Research and the Management Sciences; Washington Hilton and Towers;
May 5-8, 1996

Conference Organizers

The origins of Operations Research are Management Science are firmly embedded in the public sector. A confluence of events following World War II resulted in a dramatic and enduring change in the way decisions were made in public organizations. Operations Research was invented and applied mainly by civilian scientis in support of the war effort. From its inception, Operations Research sought to use scientific methods to get the most out of available resources. Immediately following the war, many of these scientists were retained by the military departments to apply newly developed quantitative methods to aid defense decisions. The forerunners of the RAND Corporation, the Institute for Defense Analyses, the Center for Naval Analyses, and the MITRE Corporation were formed during this period.

The 1990's brought a surge of activity in Analyses to Support Public Sector Decision Making. Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis is now institutionalized as an integral part of the defense acquisition process. Cost-effectiveness analysis is used to support wide ranging public decisions, spanning health care policy, public sector reengineering activities, analysis of regulatory costs and benefits, and others. In the 1990s we have seen a rejuvenation of analytical support for decision making.

In some sense, the Washington INFORMS meeting represents a homecoming, a celebration of our public sector origins and productive history. In another sense it represents our future. Never before has there been such demand for Operations Research as government resources become more constrained. The intent of the meeting is to stimulate an exchange of ideas among researchers and practicioners, an exchange that will contribute to the continued evolutionary growth of our discipline.


Topic Areas
Instructions and Printable Submission Form
Prospective speakers should prepare, in English, three typed copies of the abstract submission form on the back page of this call for papers. The submission deadline is October 7, 1995. Please include with the submission a check for $65 payable to INFORMS Washington. All contributed paper abstracts must be accompanied by an abstract fee for at least one author. Please specify at submission which author fee is included. The non-refundable, non-transferable fee will be applied toward that registrant's conference registration fee [Member - Early $160, On-Site $185; Non-Member - Early $190, On-Site $215; Student $65].

It is INFORMS policy not to accept more than one contributed paper from the same lead author. All correspondence will be with the lead author. For further information on contributed papers, contact Michael Fu. Overhead projectors are provided for presentations. Arrangements for other special equipment must be made ahead of time and at your expense. For such arrangements, contact Ruth Anderson.

For general conferences information, contact:
INFORMS Washington
290 Westminster Street
Providence, RI 02903
401.274.2525 800.343.0062


This meeting coincides with the 20th anniversary of Omega Rho, the International Honor Society of Operations Research and Management Science. Omega Rho sponsors special plenary sessions, the doctoral colloqium, and is a mechanism for honoring our best students. Several events at this meeting are organized in recognition of Omega Rho, including the Monday evening conference reception.


INFORMS Colleges on Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence are sponsoring a "meeting within a meeting" to address current information systems and technology issues. This will be first in a series of such annual meetings to be held in conjuction with Spring INFORMS meetings. The primary goal is to facilitate a more focused and deeper coverage of issues. A refereed proceeding of short artciles (up to 15 double spaced pages) and extended abstracts (5 double spaced pages) will be published. The conference wil be open to manuscripts dealing will all aspects of research, education and best practice in IS and IT regardless of the underlying methodologies. The deadline to submit panel proposals, papers and extended abstracts is September 1, 1995. Conference will be held on Sunday, May 5th and Monday, May 6th. There will be a reception to facilitate interaction and networking between attendees. There will also be a number of distinguished speakers. Attendees will be charged $40 over the regular INFORMS conference fee to cover extrac costs associated with proceedings and the reception. Attendees will also be able to participate in all other activities and sessions of the general INFORMS meeting. Panel proposals, papers and extended abstract are to be submitted directly to Hasan Pirkul or Michael Shaw, conference co-chairs. Please contact them at PIRKUL.1@OSU.EDU, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University, 1775 College Road, Columbus, OH 43210, and MSHAW@UX1.CSO.UIUC.EDU, Department of Business Administration, University of Illinois, 350 Commerce W., MC-706, Champaign, IL. 61820.


Washington, D.C., the nation's capital, shares with many smaller American cities a beautiful skyline and a pleasant sense of human scale. Unlike any other city in the nation, Washington belongs to all citizens.

Tour the Tidal Basin and the Mall, visit the monuments to those who led the nation in times of trouble. View the panorama of the city from the top of the Washington Monument. Visit the National Archives, and view the documents that proclaimed our birth as a union. Walk the slopes of Arlington Cemetery, and consider the price that other have paid so that we are able to enjoy our freedom. Tour the corridors of the Capitol, where our past was shaped and where our 200-year-old experiment with democracy is on-going.

The mission of the Washington, D.C. INFORMS Committee is to help you make the most of your experience here. We welcome the opportunity to help you find ways to share the experiences of the Washington metropolitan region.


INFORMS presents its members with the opportunity to remain current with the state of the art. Vendors will demonstrate the latest software packages. Publishers will display the latest research materials, including books and journals. The exhibits offer important information to managers, analysts, educators, researchers and students. For more information contact Tanya Skorohod at 800.343.0062 or

Hotel Accomodations

Business meets pleasure at the Washington Hilton and Towers. When you step out of the hotel, you will be just steps from the best of Washington. Sightseers can stroll to the White House, the Washington Monument, or the National Zoo. The Washington Hilton in a seven-acre oasis in the city, a strategically located base for sight-seeing and shopping trips. It is two blocks from the DuPont Circle station of the Washington Metro System.

Job Placement

Job applicants who are members of INFORMS may participate in the Job Placement Service. Employers who are seeking job applicants need not be members of the Society. The employment program matches Operations Research/Management Science specialists with employment opportunities in industry, academia, and government. More information will be available in OR/MS Today. A job placement center will be available on site for interviews. For more information concerning job placement, contact Sandra Owens at 800.343.0062 or


Please list in the abstract submission form on the back of this call for papers the keywords or topic areas most closely related to your paper. If other keywords are more appropriate, please insert them on the submission form.

01 Accounting
02 Agile Manufacturing
03 Acquisition Analysis
04 Applied Probability
05 Artificial Intelligence
06 Business Case Analysis
07 Business Process Engineering
08 C^3I
10 Combat Modeling
11 Combinatorics
12 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
13 Cost Analysis
14 Cost-Benefit Analysis
15 Data Envelopment Analysis
16 Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
17 Decision Analysis
18 Decision Support Systems
19 Dynamic Programming
20 Economics
21 Electronic Commerce
22 Engineering Management
23 Enterprise Intergration
24 Environment/Natural Resources
25 Expert Systems
26 Facilities Planning
27 Flexible Manufacturing Systems
28 Finance
29 Forecasting/Time Series Analysis
30 Group Decision/Negotiations
31 Health Applications
32 Information Systems
33 Integer Programming
34 Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
35 Linear Programming
36 Logistics
37 Marketing Science
38 Military Operations Research
39 Multiple Criteria Decision Making
40 Networks and Graphs
41 Nonlinear Programming
42 Operations Management
43 Organization Theory
44 Performance Budgeting
45 Planning
46 Policy Analysis
47 Process Modeling
48 Product Data Exchange
49 Productivity Analysis
50 Project Management
51 Public Sector Applications
52 Quality Management
53 Queueing
54 Reinventing Government
55 Reliability
56 Resource Allocation
57 Risk Analysis
58 Scheduling
59 Search and Detection
60 Software Engineering Economics
61 Simulation
62 Statistics
63 Stochastic Processes
64 Systems Dynamics
65 Systems Analysis
66 Telecommunications
67 Transportation
68 Virtual Manufacturing

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