Poster Sessions


2:00pm-3:00pm    LL20 Foyer

Just-in-Time Scheduling to Maximize Weighted Number of Jobs on Flow Shop Machines
Muminu Adamu, Senior Lecturer, University of Lagos

Zero Inflated Transformation Hazard Modeling for Corporate Bankruptcy Prediction
Shaonan Tian, Assistant Professor, San Jose University

How Do Business Models Evolve through Big-data Analytics
Christoph Breidbach, Postdoctoral Scientist, University of California, Merced

Scalable, Real-time Big Data Analytics for Connected Cars
Dirk Van den Poel, Professor of Business Analytics/Big Data, Ghent University

Sensitivity Analysis of the VPIN Metric
Kesheng Wu, Staff Computer Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Salient Features of TCS' GNDM™ (Global Network Delivery Model) Framework
Natarajan Vijayarangan, Senior Scientist, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS)

Exploration vs. Exploitation in the Information Filtering Problem
Xiaoting Zhao,PhD Candidate, Cornell University

Twitter Analysis Captures Antiretroviral Drug Toxicity and Community
Cosme Adrover, Postdoctoral Scholar in Data Science, Pennsylvania State University

Detection of Manipulated Movie Reviewers and its WOM Implications: Experience in a Movie Porta Site in Korea
Jaehyeon Ju, Doctoral Student, KAIST

Organization, Segmentation, and Hierarchies for Large Number of Time Series
Michele Trovero, Research Statistician, SAS Institute Inc.

Large Scale Hierarchical Text Classification
Zheng Zhao, SAS Institute, Inc.

Experiments in Deep Learning
Patrick Hall, SAS Institute, Inc,

Establishing Functionally Similar Sites Based on Direct Impressions
Stephen Burning, University of Illinois-Mathematics Department


2:00pm-3:00pm    LL20 Foyer

Business Analytics with Forio Epicenter using Julia: Delivery Route Optimization with a Mobile Interface Example
Brian Piper, Data Scientist, Forio

An Application of Principle Component Analysis in Clinical Trials – Choosing the ‘Best’ Sites
Chao Deng, Sr. Operational Analytics Specialist, Quintiles

Bridging the Semantic Gap in Multimedia Retrieval with Topic Extraction From User Reviews
Eunjeong Park, Seoul National University

Generating Ideas from Hidden Customer Needs in Social Media for New Product Development Process
Taehoon Ko, Seoul National University

Operationalizing Big Data for the Tactical Edge
Arkady Godin, Research Associate, Naval Postgraduate School

Research on Big-Data to Increase Wheat Yield and Efficiency of "Granary of Bohai Bay"
Chupeng Xie, Professor, Shandong Agricultural University

Large Scale Optimization for Stochastic Economic Dispatch
Harsha Gangammanavar, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Southern California

Analyzing Historical Exchange Rate
Ali Alhamdan, Graduate Student, Marywood University

Post-Marketing Safety Monitoring of Self-Reported Symptom-Treatment-Outcome Measurement in Web-based Media Sources
Michael Wallis, SAS Institute, Inc.

Sales Prediction for New Product with Kaggle Data
Shuanglong Wang, PhD Candidate, Univeristy of Illinois Urbana Champaign

A New Approach to Time Series Data Preparation in SAS®
Kenneth P. Sanford, PhD, SAS Institute, Inc.

Using Big Data and Text Analytics to Manage Attrition
Vinh Nguyen, Toyota Financial Services