About Minneapolis

Minneapolis: City of Lakes and Minnesota-Nice Folks!

From its beginning as a hub for grain and timber milling, coupling the power of the Mississippi River and the rich natural resources of the upper Midwest, Minneapolis now stands as a center for manufacturing and commerce, anchored in a diversified economy, including finance, retail, electronics, healthcare, food processing, advertising and graphic arts.

The Twin Cities metropolitan area is home to three million people and the largest commercial center between Chicago and the West Coast.  With the University of Minnesota and local colleges providing research, scientists, and engineers, the Twin Cities have one of the largest concentrations of high-technology firms in the nation.

With over twenty lakes and wetlands, the Mississippi River, creeks and waterfalls, Minneapolis is abundantly rich in water and trees.  The conference will be held in mid-October, known for its beautiful fall weather and moderate temperatures.  The city is rated the number one bike friendly city in the U.S. 
Minneapolis is also well known for its arts – it’s second only to New York City in live theatre per capita!  You can take in a show at the Guthrie, one of the city's Tony Award-winning theaters. Enjoy a concert at the First Avenue club, or other outlets of our vibrant local music scene.  Hear a breathtaking performance by the Minnesota Orchestra. Visit the Walker Art Center, hailed as one of the best contemporary art museums in the country.  With dozens of international culinary traditions, Minneapolis restaurants offer a culture of locally-grown, globally-inspired foods. 
Last, but surely not least – you are assured of a hearty welcome and a healthy dose of Midwestern hospitality!
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