Phoenix, AZ October 14-17

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Guest Tour

Downtown Phoenix Walking Tour
Sunday, October 14
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Get acquainted with Phoenix and some of your fellow INFORMS guests on Sunday morning, October 14.  We will meet at the Hyatt Regency at 8:00am for a 75-minute walk around downtown, guided by one of Phoenix’s Downtown Ambassadors, who will share some of the history, art and culture of America’s fifth largest city (and largest state capital!).  Our walk will end with coffee and muffins at a local bakery café.  Following the walk you will have the opportunity to get advice from the Ambassador about other activities available to you in downtown Phoenix.  You may also choose to supplement the muffins with a bigger breakfast, on your own, at the café, to continue your exploration of downtown Phoenix or to return to your hotel.

Additional Tours

Southwest Discovery Tours is providing INFORMS guests with a variety of local tours. Grand Canyon, Sedona, Sonoran desert, Musical Instrument Museum and more. For more information and to sign up for tours click here.
All guest tours are managed by Southwest Discovery Tours. If you have questions please call Southwest Discovery Tours directly at 800.544.0857.