Phoenix, AZ October 14-17

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NEW Tour Offering
Amazon – Phoenix Fulfillment Center- SOLD OUT
All reservations for this tour MUST be made directly with Amazon by emailing:
Monday, October 15
3:30-5:00pm – the tour is one hour

Round-trip Coach Bus will pick-up from the Hyatt Regency Phoenix at 3:30PM. Departure from the Plant back to the hotel will begin at 5PM. Please note that due to safety concerns, you cannot go directly to the Center, and must use the provided coach bus.
Cost: Free
Please review the Visitor Safety Guidelines and Safety Prep & Procedures prior to tour before responding.
R.S.V.P. to
Number of attendees is limited to 60 and we will implement a first come first serve policy.

Mayo Clinic Multidisciplinary Simulation Centers (MSC), Arizona Tour
Monday, October 15
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This tour will be a unique opportunity to visit the MSC at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. The tour will provide a glimpse of the tools, technologies and approaches used to simulate and educate nurses, doctors, residents and allied health staff. The MSC strives to educate learners in a high fidelity environment using the latest technology available to create life-like scenarios. Simulations can be a live person playing the role of a standardized patient in the room or a full blown simulation with video recording, high fidelity manikins and virtual reality trainers. Below are some of the technology highlights that allow us to provide outstanding education.


Santan Generating StationSantan Generating Station
Tuesday, October 16
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Santan Generating Station (SGS) is an important source of energy used to supplement base-load plants and meet peak demand, especially in summer months. Santan is a relatively quick source of electricity, capable of producing power within 20 to 60 minutes. The original SGS plant comprises four combined-cycle, combustion and steam generation units. An additional unit made up of two gas turbines and one steam turbine began operation in 2005. Another generating unit made up of one gas turbine and one steam turbine achieved commercial operation in March 2006. The original four units each are capable of producing 92 MW, for a total of 368 MW. Unit 5 and 6 generate approximately 550 MW and 275 MW, respectively, bringing the facility's expected capacity to approximately 1193 MW with seasonal variations. The fuel source is natural gas.