Phoenix, AZ October 14-17

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Ground Transportation

Phoenix International Airport
Distance from airport to Hotels: 4 miles / 10 min.

Rates to/from Airport approximately $18.00 each way for taxi

Super Shuttle

Phone number: 602-244-9000
Rates to/from Airport $13.00 each way per passenger.
The Super Shuttle is available 24 hours a day
To receive a $4 roundtrip discount make your ground transportation online here, now.

Valley Metro Light Rail
Proceed to Ground Transportation
Board the PHX Airport Shuttle to Metro Light Rail Line.
Board the Metro Light Rail toward Montebello.
De-board at the Central/Washington Station.
The Hyatt Regency Phoenix & Renaissance Hotel are one block to the east.
Metro Light Rail runs from 4:00am to 11:00pm daily.
The cost is $1.75.