Phoenix, AZ October 14-17

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Vendor Workshops

Take advantage of in-depth training in software solutions provided by leading analytics companies. There is no charge for these workshops if you register for the INFORMS Annual Meeting. All workshops take place on Saturday, October 13, at the Hyatt

Sign up for any of these workshops when you register for the meeting. If you have already registered, call 800-446-3676 or 443-757-3500, ext. 591 to add workshops.

9:00am - 11:30am 12:00pm - 2:30pm 3:00pm - 5:30pm
McGraw Hill Game-
Based Learning
American Optimal Decisions Frontline Systems
SAS Global Academic Program Gurobi Optimization GAMS Development Corp
Spry, Inc Lumina Decision Systems IBM ILOG Optimization
  Maximal Software Imagine That
  Palisade Corp. LINDO Systems
  SAS Institute-
JMP Division
Salford Systems
  Tableau Software SAS


Workshops • 9:00am - 11:30pm

Introduction to AnyLogic Software Basics-Phoenix East
This is a hands-on introductory course to AnyLogic software. We will give you a basic understanding of the software and how it works. AnyLogic simulation software is compatible with Windows, MAC and Linux, allows you to build powerful simulation models and has 3D animation capabilities. AnyLogic works with three paradigms of modeling; system dynamics, agent based modeling and discrete event modeling.
Also a free 30-day trial will be distributed at this training session. Be sure to bring your laptop.

McGraw Hill Game-Based Learning
McGraw-Hill’s Practice Operations-Cowboy Artists
McGraw-Hill recognizes the usefulness of simulations in operations and supply chain management courses, and will be sharing a beta version of Practice Operations at INFORMS. Practice Operations is a 3D, multiplayer simulation designed for McGraw-Hill Education's line of digital learning products. Practice Operations supplements McGraw-Hill’s Operations Management curriculum. We encourage professors currently using simulations in their operations and supply chain courses, and those interested in learning more about online simulations to attend the INFORMS event. For more information about Practice Operations or McGraw Hill’s Operations and Supply Chain Management solutions, please contact Heather Kazakoff, Senior Marketing Manager, at

SAS Global Academic Program
Querying and Reporting Using SAS Enterprise Guide-Phoenix West
This workshop is for users who do not have SAS programming experience but need to access, manage, and summarize data from different sources, and present results in reports and graphs. This workshop focuses on using the menu-driven tasks in SAS Enterprise Guide, the point-and-click interface to SAS, to create queries and reports. It does not address writing SAS code or statistical concepts. Learn how to access and manipulate data of various types, create queries that filter and summarize data, create frequency and tabular reports, and create interactive graphics.

Spry, Inc.
Agile BI: Integrating Data Without IT-Suite 312
Todd Jones, Director of Business Solutions
This tutorial will walk users through, step by step, how to use semantic technologies and agile methodologies to create a business intelligence solution that federates data from distributed data sources. Users will get hands-on experience developing requirements in a distributed data environment, using semantic technologies to integrate and federate structured and semi-structured data, and building analytic gadgets and dashboards using popular off the shelf capabilities. Users will walk away with an understanding of semantic technologies and how they can leverage these technologies to integrate data and make their BI environment more agile, flexible and extensible.


Workshops • 12:00pm - 2:30pm

AIMMS (Paragon Decision Technology)
Experience AIMMS-Suite 322
As an integrated mathematical modeling system, AIMMS is a powerful platform that allows you to build an optimization model from beginning to end. In this workshop, we will give you a glimpse into AIMMS model building using real-life problems. We will show you how quick and easy it can be to develop an optimization model using the AIMMS IDE and will introduce you to our revolutionary new Publishing and Remote Optimization platform (AIMMS PRO). We will also demonstrate useful diagnostic tools that will enable you to tackle unexpected problems and will share some practical tips that will help you to experience the full benefit of AIMMS.

American Optimal Decisions
Portfolio Safeguard (PSG): Advanced Nonlinear Mixed-Integer Optimization Package
Stan Uryasev, Consultant
Portfolio Safeguard is an advanced nonlinear mixed-integer optimization package used in risk management, financial engineering, military, medical and other applications. Design and solve complex optimization problems with built-in functions (maximum, StDev, variance, probability, VaR, CVaR, cardinality, fixed-charge, recourse, etc.) See real-life case studies in Windows and MATLAB at

Gurobi Optimization
Recent Developments in the Gurobi Optimizer-Phoenix East
Bob Bixby and Greg Glockner
This workshop will give an overview of recent improvements in the Gurobi
Optimizer, as well as a preview of our plans for the next release. We'll
review our recent 5.0 release, including a discussion of quadratic
constraints, lazy constraints, and the new MATLAB and R interfaces. We'll
also discuss upcoming improvements to our academic program. Finally, we'll
give a preview of our planned client-server features.

Lumina Decision Systems
Decision Analytics:
From Big Data to Clear Decisions with Analytica
-Suite 312
Investments in "big data" and predictive analytics pay off only when they lead to improved decisions. Too often they don't. In this workshop, we will show you how to realize business value from analytics by building transparent decision tools. Applications range from product pricing, to optimizing marketing plans for a small software company or a large consumer products company. Bring a laptop to gain hands-on experience with Analytica.

Maximal Software, Inc.
Deploying MPL Optimization Models on Tablet Computers and Mobile Platforms-Suite 314
Bjarni Kristjansson, President
The IT industry is currently undergoing a major shift, away from traditional standalone applications, to new platforms such as tablet computers and mobile phones. In this workshop, we will demonstrating for the first time, a new server-based version of MPL OptiMax, that makes writing mobile applications relatively quick and easy process. We will take you through all the steps of implementing optimization projects, including formulating the optimization model, integrating it seamlessly with user data, and finally deploying the project on a server for servicing both web and mobile clients, using standard programming languages, such as CSharp, VB, C/C++, or Python.

Palisade Corporation
Risk and Decision Assessment using @RISK-Suite 316
The course starts with a brief review of some core principles, best practices and tools involved in the building of good Excel models (such as those relating to model design, structure and format, sensitivity analysis, etc.), before highlighting some of the limitations of such methods, and discussing how Palisade's tools add value: (1) have some knowledge of key principles and best practices in general Excel modeling, including the ability to recognize where pure Excel-based approaches are insufficient; (2) recognize situations where @RISK could be of use; and (3) have sufficient knowledge of @RISK to build simple yet powerful models for realistic applications in risk modeling, decision analysis, and optimization.

SAS Institute, JMP Division
Predictive Analytics with JMP 10 Pro-Phoenix West
Mia Stephen
JMP® Statistical Discovery Software is dynamic and interactive desktop software for data analysis, visualization, modeling and data mining. In this workshop we'll demonstrate exploratory and predictive modeling tools in JMP 10 Pro using two compelling case studies. We'll build logistic and least squares regression models with stepwise regression, develop classification and regression trees, and build flexible neural networks. We'll explore bootstrapped forests and boosted trees, illustrate methods for model validation, and visualize results using the Graph Builder®, Data Filter, and the Prediction Profiler. Finally, we'll compare competing models using JMP Model Comparison.

Tableau Software
Dynamic Data Visualization-Cowboy Artists
Jonah Kim, Product Consultant
This workshop is geared towards the beginner to intermediate-level Tableau user. Modern data analysis often involves complicated data structures with multi-years, multi-categories, layered-cross-tabulations, and may even need to be on maps. The talk showcases how you can use Tableau to analyze these kinds of data with great ease, fun and speed. Learn how to connect to data in a few clicks, then visualize and create interactive dashboards with a few more. The last half-hour will allow time for 1:1 assistance and hands-on learning.
NOTE: Laptops required – plan to bring your own laptop to this workshop. Workshop organizers will be providing you a link to get you set up before you arrive for the workshop.

Workshops • 3:00pm - 5:30pm

FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite-Phoenix East
In this workshop, you will receive an overview of the Xpress optimization engines and the Xpress-Mosel modeling language. You will also get the latest information on our newest feature, Xpress-Insight, which improves visualization by providing configurable tabular and charting views for data exploration. Specifically, we will show you how to: (1) turn an optimization model into a full application in minutes; (2) develop and deploy optimization models in a distributed environment; and (3) utilize cloud resources seamlessly. The workshop will combine case studies with technical deep dives on selected features.

Frontline Systems, Inc.
Data Mining, Simulation and Optimization in Excel
and the Cloud
-Suite 312
The path to better decisions can be shorter: Models for data mining, risk analysis and optimal resource allocation under uncertainty can be built more easily in Microsoft Excel, scaled up to large size, and solved on desktops or in the cloud. From classification and regression trees to Monte Carlo methods and stochastic optimization, models that once required scarce expertise and long development cycles can be built quickly by MBA analysts in our Analytic Solver Platform. This workshop focuses on building and solving models, and communicating results to decision-makers. Learn what you can do, and take home free trial software to do it!

GAMS Development Corp.
Fundamentals and Recent Developments
of the GAMS System
-Suite 314
The open architecture and various interfaces of GAMS make the integration of GAMS applications into a great range of user environments easy. These features also protect the investments into model technology over the lifetime of a model at various levels. This workshop will give an overview of the GAMS system and its design principles that make this great flexibility and user friendliness possible. We will also examine how these design principles are important for current developments and take a look at the new enhancements in the object oriented APIs to GAMS. The session will also include a GAMS modeling building and deployment tutorial.

IBM ILOG Optimization
IBM Advanced Analytics & Optimization Forum-Cowboy Artists
Jeremy Bloom, Ferenc Katai
Join the IBM team at this pre-conference forum, featuring the latest innovations in advanced analytics based on CPLEX optimization for fact-based decisions in rapidly changing markets. Learn how IBM's portfolio of optimization solutions is helping customers gain a unique competitive advantage from the power of advanced analytics. We will showcase several live demonstrations illustrating our expanded collection of industry assets built on the ILOG ODM Enterprise (ODME) custom planning and scheduling platform making it easier than ever to deploy perfect-fit industry-specific optimization applications throughout the enterprise. We'll also introduce new versions of CPLEX Optimization Studio, ODME and IBM CPLEX Optimizer on z/OS now offering mainframe-based optimization deployment and discuss new features and performance enhancements. Get access to deep technical content and learn best practices for applying optimization and advanced analytics in new ways from optimization and analytics experts. We will conclude with an Academic Update session where you will have an opportunity to provide direct input to our product development and management teams, to help shape future product releases.

Imagine That Inc.
ExtendSim Simulation Software-Suite 316
Simulation is a key technology to understanding your company's business processes and identifying opportunities for improvement. Experience the ease at which robust, intuitive models are built with the power tool for simulation - ExtendSim. Use ExtendSim to achieve your modeling objectives rapidly and be assured success. ExtendSim features a customizable graphical modeling logic where relationships between modeling components are visible. Its flexibility provides modelers with the ability to create and couple hierarchical subsystems, create interactive user interfaces, and the freedom to rapidly explore design options. The internal database's user-friendly graphical interface facilitates organization of complex data structures to efficiently test multiple scenarios. This session will include an ExtendSim modeling building session and demonstrate a range of real world models from a variety of industries.

LINDO Systems, Inc.
The Difficult Task of Making Optimization Easy-Suite 322
Since 1980, LINDO solvers have been renowned for their ease of use. We will give you a "behind the curtain" look at the sophisticated and complex methodology needed to make the most modeler-friendly solvers on the market. We'll look at automatically: (1) identifying problem type--linear, quadratic, conic, convex, piecewise linear; (2) allowing arbitrary logical expressions such as  IF statements; (3) identifying causes of infeasibility, unboundedness and nonconvexity; (4) handling non-convexities to obtain global optima; (5) allowing stochastic/probabilistic features in a straightforward natural form: (6) interfacing easily with spreadsheets and databases. We illustrate with examples from finance, production/distribution planning, engineering design, planning under uncertainty, marketing, long range planning and more.

Salford Systems
Introduction to Data Mining and Real-World Data Analysis-Suite 324
Mikhail Golovnya, Senior Scientist, Salford Systems
This is a perfect place to start, whether you are new to data mining or an experienced modeler. We will discuss: data basics-data types, formats and preparation steps; what kinds of questions we can answer with data mining; how data mining models work; evaluation criteria-how models can be assessed and their value measured; and the main concepts behind well-known data mining algorithms - CART®, MARS®,TreeNet®, RandomForests®, GPS, ISLE and Rulefit.

Solving Business Problems with SAS Analytics
-Phoenix West
SAS provides a wide array of analytics including data integration, statistical analysis, data/text mining and forecasting, integrated with OPTMODEL's optimization modeling and solution capabilities. OPTMODEL delivers unified access to a wide range of optimization models (LP, MILP, QP, NLP) and supports both standard and customized optimization algorithms. We'll illustrate OPTMODEL's power and versatility in building and solving optimization models, especially noting the significant improvements resulting from OPTMODEL’s many new features. We’ll also emphasize its integration with SAS data, analytic and reporting capabilities, focusing primarily on case studies drawn from our successful work with customers across a broad range of industries.