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Pre & Post Conference Tours

All tours must be booked through My Taiwan Tour Service Co.

Taipei Sightseeing Tours

Taipei City Morning Tour
Departure date: June 16th, 19th, or 20th

Price: US $45/person

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09:00 Pick up from your accommodation – Grand Hyatt
09:30 Longshan Temple
10:00 Presidential Office Building
10:40 Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
12:00 Drop off at Taipei 101

Longshan Temple

The oldest temple in Taipei. The doors, beams, and poles are beautifully decorated and Budda setting in the main hall are highly appreciated.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

The great building has become a landmark of Taipei City and provides precious plain view among the tall buildings of Taipei. There are also places for international art performances such as National Theater and National Concert Hall.

Presidential Office Building

It was designed by a Japanese architect Uheiji Nagano during Japanese-Occupied Periods. The style of the building is a combination of traditional European elements, including Baroque, Neo-Classical features, and Renaissance.

Taipei Industrial Tours

Sha Yang Ye Robot Wonderland
Departure date: June 17th

Price: US $45/person

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** minimum of 20 guests

14:00 Pick up from Grand Hyatt Taipei
15:00~16:30 Guided tour at Sha Yang Ye Robot Wonderland & Demonstrate
17:30 Drop off at Grand Hyatt Taipei

This tour is specially created for INFORMS2018

After getting in the field of robotics since 2005, Sha Yang Ye established this expensive but the unique Robot Wonderland in Taiwan.

The outside appearance of the museum is built with twelve-floor glass panels in order to create a bright space. Inside the Wonderland, it is divided into five areas: product area, renewable energy area, family AI area, interactive experiential area and the history of robotic evolution.

The product area includes Sha Yang Ye’s original industry, the micro DC gearbox, including the exhibition of different sizes epicyclic gearing and helical gear, and other popular products.

The renewable energy area shows robot artworks that have been created from the use of factory waste. The metal waste is given new life under the artists’ ingenuity.

The interactive experiential area allows visitors to operate an actual robot and experience any related products, such as a gigantic claw vending machine, fighting robots, and off-road robots, etc.

Finally, as the robots dance with flexible joints under the gorgeous stage lighting effects, visitors will experience a very extraordinary performance!