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INFORMS’ new web-enabled abstract processing system is now online and ready to accept submissions for the 2018 INFORMS International Meeting, June 17-20, in Taipei, Taiwan. The new system makes it possible for authors of all papers–including those sponsored by INFORMS Sections, Societies, and Fora–to easily submit their abstracts online.

ALL SPEAKERS must be registered by May 5, 2018. If speakers are not registered by May 5, 2018, the speaker will be notified that the presentation will be removed from the program.

We prefer that you consider submitting at most one presentation per person in each of the following categories: INVITED, SPONSORED, CONTRIBUTED & POSTER.

Abstract Submission Deadlines

Deadline for Cluster Chairs to enter Session Chairs
January 19, 2018
11:59PM EST

Deadline for Session Chairs to enter Presenters
February 16, 2018
11:59PM EST

Deadline for Submitting Abstract
March 15, 2018
11:59PM EST

Deadline for General Poster Submissions
March 15, 2018
11:59PM EST

Deadline for Final Editing of Abstracts
April 6, 2018
11:59PM EST

Deadline for Presenters to Register
May 5, 2018
11:59PM EST

Submit Early, Capacity Limited

Contributed Presentations

If you wish to contribute an abstract and have NOT received an invitation from a Session Chair click here to submit an abstract to present.

Invited & Sponsored Presentations

Presenters will be notified by email to submit their individual abstracts after the Session Chair has submitted the session.

If you have not received an invitation to submit from a Session Chair you will not be able to log in through the system.

Poster Presentations

If you wish to submit an abstract for a poster presentation click here.

Submission should be in the form of an extended abstract of at most two pages long. Each accepted poster requires at least one registered author to be present at the poster sessions during the conference. The accepted posters will be prominently displayed in well-attended areas of the conference. A Best Poster Award will be selected by an award committee, and will be recognized in proper INFORMS and conference communication channels

Session Chair

Session Chairs will be notified by email to submit any missing information once the Cluster Chair has submitted the session title. Please note if you are chairing more than one session you may receive more than one email please retain this information it will be your access to the system.

If you have not received an invitation to submit from a Cluster Chair you will not be able to log in through the system.

Abstract Size/Length:

Abstract should be 600 characters maximum (approximately 60 words), title of abstract – 150 characters maximum.

  •  Letters, numbers, and *math symbols accepted.
    •    All abstracts must be in English.
    •    Do not include title or author information in the body of your abstract.
    •    Abstracts will be published exactly as entered if accepted.
    •    Review your abstract and check for typographical and spelling errors, and scientific sense.
    • A full paper can be uploaded at the time of submission that will be reviewed and posted in the online proceedings.

PLEASE NOTE: Use only “text pad” when entering math symbols.

Online Proceedings

Manuscripts must be written in English, be at most eight pages long (including figures, tables, and references), formatted in the INFORMS journal paper format, and submitted as a PDF through the conference website. All paper submissions are peer reviewed. Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. Please include a 60-word abstract when submitting a paper. Your talk will always be scheduled whether your paper is accepted or not.

Proceedings instructional information- LaTeX style files are available for use in preparing manuscripts for the 2018 INFORMS International Conference Proceedings. The downloadable zip file below contains an article template, style file for submission of papers, BiBTeX style to conform with INFORMS reference styles, and documentation in PDF format.  A complete file manifest can be found in the included README file.

Essentials should be clear from the article template, which is a LaTeX file outlining the style with specific options and simple examples that show how to fill in basic information (e.g., title, author(s), affiliation(s), abstract, etc.). The main document, “Taipei2018-Author-Instructions.pdf,” supplies additional information and clarifies some style points mentioned in the templates. Included are instructions for setting figures and tables and formatting appendices and references. Some information about special math characters, bold symbols, and equation numbering styles is also presented.

Download Proceedings Template

15 March, 2018
Deadline for submission of full papers (proceedings only)
15 April, 2018
Acceptance/Rejection notification (proceedings only)
30 April, 2008
Final camera-ready papers due (proceedings only)

Last Day for Changes:  Last day to make changes to existing abstracts is April 6, 2018.