October 24-27, 2021

The 2021 INFORMS Annual Meeting is a unique opportunity to connect and network with the more than 7,000 INFORMS members, students, prospective employers and employees, and academic and industry experts who compose the INFORMS community. We look forward to seeing you and, additionally, celebrating 25 years of INFORMS with you in Anaheim, CA, October 24-27, 2021!


Welcome to the 2021 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Anaheim

Anaheim, CA. Home to endless sun and soaring palm trees, and one of the most magical places on earth. And we aren’t just talking abut Disneyland! In 2021 Anaheim will be the host city for the first INFORMS conference to be held in-person since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic! And while we have enjoyed connecting with you virtually, and providing you new opportunities to learn, connect and network during these times of social distancing, we truly can’t wait to welcome you face-to-face in 2021. As we move into the new year, stay tuned for more updates and information.

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