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E = QxA and its relationship to spreadsheets vs. other tools

by Alan Taber on April 9th, 2013

The theme of the day for me (apologies to Scott Mongeau for stealing his theme) is Effectiveness = Quality x Acceptance from Jerry Allyne’s keynote. Actually, it’s been the theme of the conference, after an interesting discussion last night about why clients love to see Excel models and have a hard time with anything more advanced, even though there are many far more advanced tools out there. There’s an inherent acceptance to Excel due to growing up with it, that there simply isn’t with anything else. Yes, there are quality control and auditing issues with spreadsheets¬†(hard coded numbers, lack of explicit trace between tabs, etc), but people just _like_ it.¬†

Given that, will spreadsheets hang around long after they should go away, replaced by Javascript, Ruby on Rails, or your app of choice?

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  1. Burcu B. Keskin permalink

    I agree that Effectiveness= Quality x Acceptance is the theme. I had been thinking about before, but I had not seen such an elegant discussion on it before Jerry Allyne’s keynote. I went back and updated my presentation for today, realizing that it was the missing piece.