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Economists as Analytic Talent

by Kenneth Sanford on April 8th, 2013

At last night’s Career Connection, a mini job fair for employers looking for analytic talent, I repeatedly asked one question, “Why don’t you look to Economists to meet your analytic talent shortage?”  Some said they did, but most did not. I informed those interested that the American Economics Association has an active job posting board called JOE (Job Openings for Economists). I was also met with something that surprised me. One person said that so many economists were not “applied.”

Perhaps I am committing a “fallacy of composition” because I am an economist who worked with messy observational data, but I would say that more economists are applied than conventional wisdom suggests. It might be a recent phenomenon, but the rise of the Steven Levitt/Nate Silver-type economists has transformed the economics profession. Economists now collect their observational from the web, process it in mainstream data management tools, engage in robust statistical analysis and perform reporting.

Sounds like data science to me. :)

If you are interested, the annual economics meetings (ASSA) are in Philly this year


BTW, I ate at LUKE last night. It is worth the walk.





  1. OK – Having been in the O.R. community for more than 20 years, I’m coming out… I’m a Economist and proud of it. Ken, thanks for your comments.

    • Kenneth Sanford permalink

      Thanks Rich! Any ideas on how to help Economists signal that they have the skills to succeed in Analytics?