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Karen Roter Davis

Urban Engines

The Internet of Moving Things, Movement Analytics, and the Future of Urban Mobility

From public transit to on-demand grocery shopping to ride-sharing services, people and things are moving through cities (and generating data) in unprecedented volumes — a rapidly growing challenge when every minute counts.

It’s early days for this “Internet of Moving Things” — and for Urban Engines. But we’re already generating actionable insights from billions of trips that people and vehicles make each day. With our platform architected to crunch this massive amounts of movement data, we can measure and reduce inefficiencies, run digital “what-if” scenarios that truly emulate the real world to develop answers to critical planning questions more easily and less expensively, and create new value-added services with the information we unlock.


Karen Roter Davis is General Manager of Urban Engines, a venture-backed, Silicon Valley start-up already improving urban mobility for millions of commuters across the globe and their billions of trips taken each year. Her responsibilities at Urban Engines span business development, marketing and communications, legal and policy, and finance strategy and operations. Prior to Urban Engines, Karen held leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies, including Google, and served most recently as Managing Director of GE Ventures, where she kick-started software and analytics investments to advance GE’s Industrial Internet capabilities across its multi-billion dollar industrial businesses.

From 2009 through 2012, Karen worked directly for software entrepreneur Tom Siebel, as one of four executives charged with managing his personal global interests in real estate, agribusiness, philanthropy, and investments, serving as Executive Director of two non-profits. At Google from 2003 to 2008, she worked on many of Google’s early commercial agreements, led internal operations for Google’s 2004 Initial Public Offering, and worked with executives, engineers, and product managers on early-stage incubation and exploratory efforts, including in-vehicle Google Earth and Maps, Google Transit, and new advertising and business models.

Karen holds an MBA/JD from Northwestern University and a BA in Public & International Affairs from Princeton University, and is an advisor to angel- and venture-backed start-ups. She also advises multi-national companies on how to work more effectively with startups and to cultivate innovation within their organizations. Karen serves on the Board of Directors of Cultural Data Project, a Pew Charitable Trust spin-off, which provides analytics and management capabilities to strengthen arts and cultural organizations.

Lisa Kart


Lisa Kart is a Research Director focusing on advanced analytics, including predictive and prescriptive capabilities and big data uses in multiple industries. She has more than 20 years of experience in applying advanced analytics to solve complex business problems.