Exciting marketing analytics track planned!

We have a full and exciting marketing analytics track planned for Monday, so I encourage you to attend. Here are a few nuggets to entice you.

James Lemieux of GM will keep us out of trouble by sharing hard-won lessons. In “Use At Your Own Risk: The Perils Of Implementing Advanced Marketing Analytics,” he’ll talk about the challenges that the democratization of analytics has wrought when models useful for one purpose are applied incorrectly to another. James has taught marketing, consulted with clients, developed software, and now builds marketing models, so he understands all sides of the issue.

Daymond Ling is a professor at Seneca College but came to that post after a long career applying analytics in banking. I think of Daymond as one of the most thoughtful and perceptive thinkers I know, which explains the title of his talk, “Analytics Cannot Imbue You With A Soul.” Nor can it solve every problem! He’ll talk about how to make sure analytics is applied thoughtfully to deliver real value and not lead to failure.

Pieter Van Bouwel and Wouter Buckinx of Python Predictions, a predictive analytics consulting firm based in Brussels, will share a case study of some work they did with ING Belgium, a bank looking to serve their clients better. In “Process Mining – The Road To A Superior Customer Experience.” Feel free to ask me to embarrass Wouter by showing a photograph I have of him (and me) from 2005, where I first met him at a conference in Lisbon.

Alex Vayner and Trevis Litherland from Equifax will share what they’ve learned about what they call the product journey, as they’ve worked to model how customers move from one product to another over time. Their talk, “Applying Optimal Alignment Techniques To Identify Canonical Product Adoption Patterns,” will explain the modeling work they’ve done as part of this mapping. Alex loves to meet new people, so be sure to stop and say hi. I’ve only met Trevis briefly, so I can’t say for sure, but I am going to ask him about the cool hat in his bio photo.

Michel Wedel is a professor in the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland but comes to us from the Netherlands. It is completely an accident that 50% of the speakers in this track are from the Low Countries, but his selection was no accident. He’s got his eye on you. Or rather, he’s got his eyes on your eyes, because in his talk, “Eye Tracking:  A Review of Concepts, Metrics and Findings,” he’ll explain how marketers employ tools to watch what we watch and use this information to understand preferences and even predict human search and choice.