Jim Diamond
Managing Director
Operations Research and Advanced Analytics
American Airlines

From Flying Machines to Machine Learning: Advanced Analytics at American Airlines

On any given day, American Airlines will fly more than a quarter of a million passengers on
approximately 3400 flights, deliver more than 300,000 pieces of baggage, and receive more than
239,000 reservations calls. Tasked with impeccable logistics alongside top-notch customer service,
American Airlines has long leveraged information technology and advanced analytics for competitive
advantage and improved decision making. Analytics play a part in all areas of the business, including
planning flight schedules, allocating discount fares, assigning crews, routing aircraft, optimizing spare
part inventories, and understanding customer behavior. In this session, Diamond will provide
examples from across the airline of how advanced analytics are being used to gain insights and solve
some of American Airlines’ most challenging and complex problems.


Jim Diamond is Managing Director of Operations Research and Advanced Analytics at American
Airlines. In this role he leads teams responsible for delivering analytical insights and developing
decision support tools for various departments, from planning to operations, across the airline. Prior
to this role, he held various leadership positions at Sabre, the travel technology company.

Diamond received his B.S. degree from Cornell University and an M.S. and Ph.D. from Purdue