JD.com is both the largest e-commerce company in China, and the largest Chinese retailer, by revenue. The company strives to offer consumers the best online shopping experience. Through its user-friendly website, native mobile apps, and WeChat and Mobile QQ entry points, JD offers consumers a superior shopping experience. The company has the largest fulfillment infrastructure of any e-commerce company in China. As of December 31, 2017, JD.com operated 7 fulfillment centers and 486 warehouses across China, staffed by its own employees. JD.com is a member of the NASDAQ100 and a Fortune Global 500 company.

About JD-Y team

JD Y Division (JD-Y) focuses on building a smart supply chain and using AI to drive retail reform. The Y division applies AI algorithm and use data-driven approaches in product selection, inventory management, pricing and promotion. It also leverage big data technologies in smart retail to lower the costs of distribution. The Y division is working with leaders in industry and academia to design and build the next generation supply chain management system.

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