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Removing Technical and Cultural Barriers Standing in the Way of Operationalizing Predictive and Prescriptive Models

Have your organization’s investments in data science and operations research struggled to get deployed to the end user, or faced adoption challenges after deployment? You are not alone. Some analysts project that only 20% of advanced analytical models will deliver ROI through 2022. Advanced analytics models face numerous barriers in making their way from conception in the lab to adoption by business user where they can generate ROI for the organization. In this talk, we will discuss these barriers and how to overcome them from a technical and a cultural perspective.

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Libin Varghese

Libin Varghese

Solutions Consultant at FICO

Libin Varghese has over eight years of experience building advanced analytics solutions. Joining FICO in 2014 as a Solutions Consultant, he builds and configures end-to-end advanced analytics solutions using the FICO Xpress Suite. He is experienced with the latest predictive, prescriptive, and BI tools. Libin has worked on architecting and building pricing optimizations solutions for deposits, mortgages, auto loans and other financial products. He also has experience building optimization solutions for transportation, supply chain and network flow problems. Prior to FICO, Libin worked for Sabre Airline Solutions, and he has an MS in operation research and industrial engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.