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Minimizing Risks through Data-Driven Decisions

Data is at the core for making decisions. With digitization completely transforming the landscape, businesses are collecting more data than ever before and use it to constantly make better informed decisions to assess risks. In turn, this is disrupting industries globally. Join this session, where we will share experience gleaned from our customers, and extrapolate to bring key best practice learnings: how to minimize risks through data-driven decisions; where technology and products like Azure Synapse, Azure Arc, Azure SQL Database Edge and SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters can play a role, and develop a vision to build a continuous intelligent world, reducing business risks all the way from the ground to the cloud.

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Rony Chatterjee

Rony Chatterjee

Technical Advisor to the Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Azure Data

Dr. Rony Chatterjee is the Technical Advisor to the CVP of Product Management in Azure Data. Rony serves as a technical and functional research strategist in new emerging data centric technologies. He is part of the Azure Data Leadership Team and understands trends and develops forward thinking strategies for Azure Data’s product direction in partnership with the Office of the Chief Technology Officer and several product management teams within Azure.

Rony has a PhD in computer science and has several research papers published in IEEE/ACM, Springer book chapters and journal publications. His PhD thesis was on “Stock Prediction Analyzing Investor Sentiments.”