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Frontline Solvers

If you have a business problem, or an ongoing business process where costs, delays, uncertainties or risks are impacting your results, Frontline Systems ( can help you apply the full range of analytics methods to improve those results – especially if you are using Microsoft cloud software such as Office 365, Power Platform, and Dynamics 365.

Experts use our tools, but we focus on helping non-expert “citizen modelers” who are fast learners and who understand the business, build and solve models themselves.  We make it easier for you to learn and apply mathematical optimization, simulation and risk analysis, data mining and machine learning, business rules and decision tables to your business problems.

We’re best known for developing the Solver in Excel for Microsoft – distributed to more than 1 billion Office users – and the Analysis ToolPak for Google Sheets, with 1.4 million users so far.  But over 30 years, we’ve delivered the greatest value to citizen modelers like you, solving large-scale, industrial-strength problems, in more than half of the world’s companies with $1 billion+ revenue – plus nearly 9,000 other companies, business units and universities in all.

With one software product, you can learn, master and apply the full range of analytics methods – either Analytic Solver for Excel (Desktop and Cloud), or RASON Decision Services, our Azure-based REST API that handles close to 1 million requests to solve analytic models every day.  Thanks to RASON, business analysts and web developers can “speak a common language”, and easily work together on the same analytic model and application.

Deploying an analytic model in a real-world business setting, and continuously updating the data that model needs, has traditionally been expensive, time-consuming, and too often unsuccessful.  But now there’s a better way, if you’re using Microsoft cloud software.  RASON models make it astonishingly easy to get that data and apply decision analytics in Dynamics ERP and CRM systems, low-code Power Apps you can build quickly, and business processes that you orchestrate with Power Automate.  You can be the hero who overcomes the challenges of analytics deployment – we’re here to help you do that.  Simply contact us to learn more.

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