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MemComputing, Inc.

MemComputing is delivering the performance expected of quantum computers a decade before it was even thought possible. Our disruptive, non-quantum MemCPU™ Coprocessor technology is currently emulated in software, allowing the mathematical programming technology of the MemCPU XPC SaaS to quickly solve the largest and most complex industrial computations associated with optimization, big data analytics, and machine learning.

Using a physics-based approach, this novel computing architecture liberates users from modern computational bottlenecks, enabling companies to accurately analyze huge amounts of data in minutes or seconds. This empowers our clients to dramatically reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies and generate new revenue opportunities.

Product Description:
The MemCPU™ XPC SaaS is an Integer Linear Programming Solver engine that is currently being used to solve industry’s most complex optimization problems. Clients have the choice of using a user interface to upload and run problems or an easy to integrate application programming interface (API) to integrate the service with their own systems.

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