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Make fast, confident decisions with process simulation software from SIMUL8
We enable organizations to make confident decisions that deliver serious impact, using simulation software that is intuitive, fast and affordable – without compromising on the breadth and depth of features.

From daily operational changes to long term strategic planning, SIMUL8 can deliver the insight you need to improve processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

We’ve been leading the way in delivering innovative simulation software for over 25 years, and have no intention of slowing down! We love what we do and are passionate about driving the industry forward, that’s why we’re responsible for so many firsts, including SIMUL8 Online, which allows our users to run, build and analyze simulations anywhere, anytime – so even if you have to work remotely you can still drive process improvement in your organization. Start your free trial (

Why do so many organizations worldwide choose SIMUL8?
SIMUL8’s intuitive software has helped global industry leaders such as Chrysler, Geisinger and Cisco transform processes, increase efficiencies and save millions of dollars. Here’s why we’re their vendor of choice:

Ease of Use
The fastest simulation software available, our intuitive drag and drop interface ensures you will spend less time building simulations and more time experimenting with changes to make confident decisions.

Identify process issues, test your ideas and discover ways to step-change performance – all in less time than other simulation tools.

Model processes of any scale and complexity. From strategic to operational, simple to complex, accurately simulate processes and connect to data sources you already have for powerful insights.

Delivers more ROI than other simulation tools. With transparent pricing and a range of software and deployment options, there’s a solution to meet your needs. Many SIMUL8 users have seen return of investment in millions of dollars.

All-in-one solution
More and more businesses are embracing the powerful flexibility of online-based tools. SIMUL8 is the only industry vendor that allows you to build, run and analyze using the same interface, extensive feature set and fast results on both web and desktop.

Our Team
Our friendly team have decades of simulation experience and are here to support you whatever your experience level. Our expert support team is rated 5 stars, our software roadmap is driven by customer feedback and 75% of our development team were previously users to ensure that our software is always built in a user-friendly way. If you have questions about simulation, then we’re here to help!

Want to find out more?  We’re here to help!

Explore SIMUL8’s features and have your questions answered in a live, personalized demo session