Analytics Leadership

The Analytics Leadership Track was formed to bring together leaders of analytics efforts and analytics groups to discuss: i) how to build a world class analytics team for your company; ii) how to define, solve, deliver, and communicate an analytics solution; and iii) what an analytics Leader must do to succeed within the organization and help the organization/company succeed.

Analytics in the Public Sector

Operations research and analytics are driving advancements in government that touch nearly every part of our lives. From improving disaster relief efforts following a storm, to enhancing access to healthcare, to criminal justice and immigration reforms, and insuring our national security, analytics is saving lives, reducing costs, and improving productivity across the private and the public sectors. Just as business leaders have used O.R. and analytics to make smart business decisions, policymakers in government have increasingly turned to these modern tools to analyze important policy questions. Come see how the latest applications of analytics are solving public policy problems.

Decision & Risk Analysis

The Decision & Risk Analysis track features talks describing effective ways to aid those who must make complex decisions. In particular, the talks reference systematic, quantitative and interactive approaches to address choices, considering the likelihood and impact of unexpected, often adverse consequences.

Emerging Analytics

This track is intended to bring together practitioners and researchers who are working on the cutting edge of Operations Research and Advanced Analytics to share new areas, explain open problems, formalize new problem areas that are just coming to the forefront, and define challenging questions for further development.

2020 Franz Edelman Competition

The purpose of the Franz Edelman competition is to bring forward, recognize, and reward outstanding examples of operations research, management science, and advanced analytics in practice in the world. Finalists will compete for the top prize in this “Super Bowl” of O.R., showcasing analytics projects that had major impacts on their client organizations.

INFORMS Prizes and Special Sessions

INFORMS grants several prestigious institute-wide prizes and awards for meritorious achievement each year. This track will feature presentations on the Wagner Prize, INFORMS Prize, and the UPS George D. Smith Prize winner.  Innovative Applications in Analytics Award (IAAA) finalists will also present. Special sessions may include presentations about INFORMS Education & Industry Outreach and the CAP program.

Marketing Analytics

This track features leaders from companies and academia to share the application of analytics in marketing functions such as promotions, pricing, advertising, market forecasting, and best practices of analytics in overall marketing, in addition to addressing new technologies. Industry and academia experts will demonstrate how to use advanced analytics and operations research to learn and share valuable techniques that will grow your marketing analytics capability.

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Goutam Chakraborty

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Laureano Gomez

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Warren Hearnes

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Seonah Lee

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Beverly Wright

Parks, Recreation & Tourism

Decision-making in the recreation and tourism industry has been transformed by advances in technology and the available data, which has resulted in an increased growth in the use of analytics. This track will focus on highlighting the innovative application of analytics in the recreation and tourism industry, as well as bringing together industry leaders to share best practices on how to leverage advanced analytic techniques for the planning, management and marketing of recreation and tourism offerings.

People Analytics

Traditional concepts are being challenged by advances in technology, such as the when, where, and how of work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employees not only no longer spend their entire career at one company, but they now have an average tenure of less than five years.  Also, teams do not always sit next to one another in an office, but work together from multiple locations across the globe. To respond to these new realities and improve the work experience for all, many companies have turned to people analytics, a data-driven approach to managing the workforce. Speakers will give examples of how their companies are using data and analytics to improve all parts of the employee life cycle, from recruiting and onboarding, through evaluation to exiting. This track is designed for everyone who has ever had a job and will showcase analytics used to drive impactful change for the people in the workforce.

Revenue Management & Pricing

The Revenue Management & Pricing track features analytics leaders from top companies in traditional and non-traditional industries such as travel, hospitality, transportation, entertainment, high tech, media and retail. This track promotes and disseminates the latest developments in pricing and revenue management with opportunities to learn from the industry experts. Discover how to use advanced analytics and operations research to better understand and target your customers, improve your pricing practices and demand forecasts, and drive revenue and market share growth.

Supply Chain

Innovative technologies are disrupting business and driving new policies, products, services, and channels for increased revenue. Supply chain leaders are evolving their businesses to keep pace and, during this track, our accomplished speakers will share practical applications of new concepts and technologies being implemented within their supply chain analytics programs to maximize their efficiencies while minimizing business disruptions.