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FICO® Xpress Optimization

FICO (NYSE: FICO) powers decisions that help people and businesses around the world prosper. Founded in 1956 and based in Silicon Valley, the company is a pioneer in the use of predictive analytics and data science to improve operational decisions. FICO holds more than 180 US and foreign patents on technologies that increase profitability, customer satisfaction, and growth for businesses across all industries. The company’s many innovations include FICO® Xpress Optimization, which helps clients deliver end-to-end analytics solutions 50%-80% faster, and at a higher quality than traditional approaches.

FICO’s deep portfolio of optimization options allows users to easily build, deploy and use the analytics solutions that are integral to transformative business strategies. Composed of four core components – FICO® Xpress Insight, FICO® Xpress Executor, FICO® Xpress Solver and FICO® Xpress Workbench™ – the intuitive analytics platform is designed for business users and analysts, enabling them to tackle the large and complex problems that stand between their firms and success. FICO Xpress’s standard capabilities include scalable high-performance solvers and algorithms, flexible modeling environments, rapid application development, and comparative scenario analysis & reporting for both on-premises and cloud installations.

Learn more about FICO Xpress Optimization:

  • Visit our homepage for solution sheets, case studies, whitepapers, and more!
  • Join our FICO Xpress Optimization Community to interact with thousands of fellow researchers and scientists, stay updated on all of the latest releases, and chat with FICO SMEs.
  • Download the Xpress Community License for free – see for yourself how quick and easy it is to build, deploy and use optimization models, services & solutions that meet your needs.
  • Learn about our Academic Partner Program – we have special offers for students/academics so you can use Xpress for your coursework, teaching, and consulting.
  • Request a demo – if you’re interested in Xpress for your commercial enterprise, you can make an appointment to see our platform in action.

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