INFORMS Healthcare About
The goal of INFORMS Healthcare 2015 is to bring together academic researchers in “healthcare analytics” and industry stakeholders who are applying this research to share information and improve the delivery of effective healthcare. The health sector is catching up fast but still lags behind other industries such as airlines, hotel chains, and retail in the adoption of systematic and quantitative analysis used in decision support, and this conference will help to bridge the informational gap.  The conference aims to bring a cross-cultural view of healthcare systems worldwide and the research and applications designed to improve these systems in areas such as:

  • New methods associated with defining value in healthcare
  • Incorporation of O.R. and industrial engineering in healthcare delivery
  • Intersection of healthcare and public health to provide a more “population” perspective on value
  • Medical decision making
  • Computational optimization
  • Patient wait time guarantees
  • Effective use of electronic health records
  • Delivering healthcare in developing countries

Contributions in synergistic fields are also welcome: healthcare policy, clinical decision making, global health, therapy and treatment delivery, public health, and health informatics.