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The H. Milton Stewart School of Systems & Industrial Engineering (ISyE) at the Georgia Institute of Technology is the largest program in industrial and systems engineering, and has been named the top ranked program by U.S. News & World Report for more than two decades. The ISyE undergraduate program offers a track-based curriculum which allows students to either obtain a broad industrial engineering education or specialize in operations research, supply chain engineering, quality and statistics, or economic and financial systems. ISyE’s graduate program offerings include master’s degrees in analytics, operations research, statistics, health systems, supply chain engineering, and industrial engineering; and Ph.D. degrees in operations research, industrial engineering, and machine learning. ISyE faculty conduct research in methodological areas such as optimization, statistics, analytics, machine learning, stochastic systems, simulation, and system informatics and control; and application-driven areas such as supply chain engineering and logistics, health systems, advanced manufacturing, energy, and sustainable systems engineering.

The institute of Health Policy & Management (iBMG) of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is leading in the Netherlands with its educational and research activities targeted at policy and management issues in health care.

The institute offers a bachelor programme, five master programmes and post-academic educational programmes and courses. At iBMG, research and educational activities are closely intertwined. Knowledge and experiences of various scientific disciplines such as economics, law, social-medical sciences, organisational science and public administration are brought together and applied to the health care sector. This multidisciplinary approach to education and research is unique.